Monday, November 20, 2006

Update on Rhodri's Biscuits

I got it wrong in my post on the standard of biscuits that Rhodri Morgan serves at meetings (which Nick Bourne tells us varies depending on the importance of the meeting). When it gets really serious he upgrades to sticky cakes. Apparently this is something to do with Sue Essex, who has always been the power behind Rhodri's throne. Last year when parry leaders were sorting out the budget row, Sue was in control telling Rhodri exactly what he could and could not say. And I daresay that the same applies this year.
She is a hard woman. Like a diamond. Tough as granite on the inside - but with the sparkle of sheer bloodyminded reasonableness on the outside. Its a big loss for the Assembly that Sue is retiring next May. I hope that the people who hand out end-of-year awards recognise the sheer talent of this woman. I supported her as my choice for 'AM of the Year' last year and I do so this year as well.

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