Thursday, November 16, 2006

The Name's Marek. John Marek.

Bond plays for high stakes and puts his very survival on the line. He does what no-one else would do. He goes where no-one else would go. He takes on the 'Big One', loses the early skirmishes - but in the end he survives. Danial Craig, the man with the Taggart looks is winning rave reviews in all the newspapers but we have our own devolved Bond. The name's Marek, John Marek.
Today, on the film set (otherwise known as the Debating Chamber) the reviewing critics, including this blogger, reckon the sandal wearing bridge master was seeking public ejection - but the Llywydd would not oblige. The Omnipitent One, normally so quick to flare up, remained ice cool. He too plays a good hand when the chips are down. But it is sad to see these two titans at war. One of them must fall lest the theatre will surely burn.
I am but a mere footsoldier but I have an opinion. It is time for our generals to end this combat. It cannot be allowed to carry on. It is time for the men in white coats to enter the stage. This situation would not be allowed to continue in a proper Parliament. Our leaders must show some leadership. My friend, John Marek looks to me like a hero doomed - but he will rise up again to defeat the arch villian, Labour at the May election. This is just a footsoldier's opinion.

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