Friday, November 10, 2006

Graham Poll yet again

McFadden actually called Graham Poll an 'f****** Shite' - and he still moaned about the red card! I remember being sent off when playing for Caereinion High School against Llanfyllin High School about 48 years ago for something similar.Unfortunately the ref was the Deputy Head. Anyway Everton manager, David Moyes was none too impressed and fined McFadden £10,000 - probably about 40 minutes wages.
Another football story I read about this week related to a team in West Sussex called GSK Pheonix. The bus arrived for a cup game at Ifield Edwards and broke the news that one of their longstanding and most popular players had died the night before - but in accordance with the deceased player's last wish, the game should go ahead. A minute's silence was observed and GSK pulled off a shock victory. But no-one really cared about the result. Sport and its camaraderie was the winner - until the deceased walked into the clubhouse for a pint two hours later. The whole GSK squad has been reported by the referee to the Sussex Football Association.

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