Friday, November 10, 2006

A Poke in the Eye for Rhodri

Rhodri Morgan was all over the political coverage last night pleading for every Labour supporter not to allow their antipathy to Tony Blair to influence their vote in the Assembly election. Don't use your vote in Wales 'to poke Blair in the eye' seems a fair interpretation of his message. In general, Rhodri seems to be adopting a 'core vote' strategy. Listen to a Tory, Rhodri. It doesn't work.
And he cannot let 'bygones be bygones' either. Rhodri is not forgetting the way Peter Hain tried to stop him from becoming First Minister. He came up with another bizarre reason for not supporting Peter for the 'Deputy to Gordon Brown' job. He cannot think about this until Gordon Brown has actually taken over in Gordon Brown's new job!! Yet again, he just made himself look as daft as a brush.
Tory Councillor, Peter Davies was clearly enjoying himself last night on both Dragon's Eye and Waterfront. Peter has crossed Nick Bourne by writing to the Western Mail suggesting that the Assembly should be scrapped to save money - and seems likely to be suspended as a candidate for this heresy.He does 'injured innocence' very well indeed and he seemed to have some support. New Shadow Minister, David Jones allowed an amused smile to dance playfully across his face when responding to Peter's comments - which seems to me to be exactly the right response. David has made a great start to his new job and will be a great support to Cheryl.
Oh, and Rhodri is going to be in trouble with the formidable Ann Jones AM for using the term 'bed blocking' last night. In the Chamber last week she launched into our Jonathon Morgan for using such politically incorrect terminology. Apparently the 'correct' phrase is 'delayed transfer of care'. So congrats to Rhodri for using language people can understand - and I never thought that I would ever say that about the mangled wordsmith that has left us nonplussed by his convolutions for years.

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