Thursday, November 23, 2006

Is Polly Toynbee really a Tory Idol?

Everyone knows that I'm one of those 'bit soft' - 'bit leftie' Tories. Even though I'm blessed with a fine hairy chest, I'm not one for what Terry Grange calls the 'Hairy chest' approach to politics. For example, I was the only Welsh-speaking Tory that Post Prynhawn could find to explain to Gareth Glyn the merits of the 'Hug-a-Hoodie' speech. And I meant it.
But hang on a minute. There's a limit to what even I will sign up. We Tories claiming Polly Toynbee as some sort of guru, some sort of guiding star!. This cannot be. I read her column like I used to watch Casualty on the BBC. Simply to shout at the tele or the paper and condemn the political tosh being spread about by subversives. But its full the newspapers. And there we were on Newsnight last night speaking with the great lady herself. You've got to hand it to our man for brass neck. He was so lavish in his body language that our new guiding star didn't know what to say. And the Labour Minister, Jim Murphy was simply left opening his mouth with nothing of any note coming out of it. (By the way, Jim is one hell of a footballer and without question the Keepy-uppy King of British football. When he played against Wales in the Parliamentary Shield, he made such a monkey of Gareth Davies, the old Wales stand-off that he grabbed Jim around the throat and had to be dragged off).
For hours I have been in a daze. What am I going to say when David Davies, or his father, or Alun Cairns rings me and says "Isn't it fanfastic to read Polly's new ideas for tower block high taxes and ripping some money off those hard working high-earners"? But Boris Johnson has saved me yet again. He has a unique way of bringing light to the darkest of conundrums.
It seems, according to Boris, that Polly Toynbee lives her life as a Tory - working hard, earning all she can and using her wealth to give the best to her family. And at the same time using her position to influence opinion to persue her very genuine concern for the poorest and most vulnerable in society. I can live with that. So its a warm welcome to Polly Toynbee and thanks to Boris for showing me how to align my fundamental beliefs with my Party's developing policy agenda.

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