Friday, November 03, 2006

Cancer message getting through

The life of a politician can sometimes seem rather futile - especially in opposition. (Which is why I cannot understand those Conservatives who would rather remain in opposition for ever than try to work out a deal with Plaid Cymru and the Lib Dems to consider forming a government.) So it is really quite satisfying to save someone's life!
I have just received an email from my stoma nurse, telling me that the colorectal cancer team at Shrewsbury, who operated on me have just diagnosed a case of bowel cancer in someone who heard me on my soapbox, campaigning for people with anal bleeding or irregular bowel function to 'Go and see your doctor'. Could be another life saved. This makes all the c*** I have to put up with in the Debating Chamber bearable.
I was treated for colorectal cancer in 2002 and was so unbelievably lucky to be 'caught' early. I do a lot of awareness work and try to live in a way which demonstrates that one can lose the backside and rectum - and still live life to the full. Off to Reading next week to speak on another Bowel Cancer Platform. More lives to be saved!! Over 16,000 people die of Bowel Cancer every year - and many of them would fully recover if treated soon enough.

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