Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Labour Split in the Assembly

Over the last few years, we have been trying to drive a wedge between Labour AMs - and at last I acheived it today. I raised the issue of football in Wales. Leighton Andrews is a fan of Ton Pentre who pulled off a cup shock on Saturday by dumping Ann Jones' Rhyl out of the Welsh Cup.
On the serious point I raised, I was dissappoited by the First Minister's response. I am told by Welsh Premier clubs that the FAW has agreed to UEFA demands for ground improvements that are impossible to meet. Clubs are threatened with extinction.
What I'm told by some Welsh Premier clubs is that David Collins, the Secretary General of the FAW is so keen to become a member of UEFA that he would agree to anything . I do not know whether this is fair but it is what some of the clubs are telling me.
I suggested to the First Minister that this issue is so important that he should either offer some cash to enable the cubs to meet the demands - or better still intercede with UEFA to win more time for the clubs to carry out the improvements or, even better still, reduce the demands. The First Minister simply does not realise how important to Welsh football is the Welsh Premier.

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