Wednesday, November 08, 2006

First signs of peace.

Watching Dafydd Elis Thomas and John Marek perform is like watching two cock robins in spring setting the boundaries of their breeding territory. What cunning masterstroke are they playing? We AMs just look on in bewilderment as these two circle each other, as do fencing champions looking for an opening.
First move in today's Assembly proceedings was when the Meirionydd Machiavelli took our breathe away with no more than a casual aside. When he was forced to cast his vote against the Government's Business Statement (as a direct result of John Marek's no doubt calculated absence) he says " I cast my vote against because protocol says I must - but with a heavy heart". What on earth did this mean?
And then the besandaled bridge master delivered his stunning reposte. He referred to Dafydd El as Sir when thanking him for all that which he had done during his presentation of the House Committee Report. Was this studied deference a first (and welcome) sign of peace breaking out in the Presiding Office - or was it merely a playful put down?
We do not know - but I do know that cock robins fight to the death.

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