Wednesday, November 22, 2006

From success to disaster in 10 in seconds

It is so easy to become carried away by public acclaim. Great 'gaffes' are often not far behind. Today, Leanne Wood had just asked a question about Owain Glyndwr Day - and I was able to make the easily forgotten point that Owain was instinctively and philosophicaly a Conservative. I was still basking in the warm welcome there was in the Chamber for this insisive obsevation - when I suggested that any new National Holiday in Wales should be clearly 'Welsh' and should be on ... May 1st!!. Reaching out to new voters is good strategy for the Conservative Party but this appeal for the Nye Bevan vote is too far even for me. I hope all the bloggers in the Chamber will thank me for presenting them with such rich pickings.

PS I just asked Alun Cairns the correct spelling of 'Bevan' and he tells me that he is of the same family. Now this is even more of a shock than that David Davies is of the same family as Owain Glyndwr.

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