Friday, November 17, 2006

Assembly Members - Hands On

Received a letter today from Brian Sirrell, a wheelchair user suffering from C.I.D.P. Brian attended a public meeting which I recently arranged in Welshpool Town Hall to consider hospital reorganisation plans. The meeting was up 3 flights of steep steps. Both Brian and I have been in cotact with the Town Council , who own and manage the Town Hall to point out how important it is that the lift is available when meetings are on.
Anyway, neither I nor Mick Bates, who attended my meeting were prepared to leave Brian stranded at the bottom of the steps. I took Mick's hands in mine, creating a makeshift seat, and carried Brian up the stairs while someone else carried his wheelchair. He was carried down again by Powys County Councillors David Jones and Barry Thomas.
Brian's letter thanked me for the 'support' he had received as a result of the 'hands-on' approach we take in doing our job.

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