Thursday, November 16, 2006

Plaid's PPB - Old Hat

Watched Plaid Cymru's Party Political Broadcast tonight. It was promoted as a response to the Queen's Speech which was so graciously presented yesterday. But I saw the film featuring Adam Price banging on about 'Independence' on the internet weeks ago. We've been conned. It wasn't a response to the Queen's Speech at all. The Speech hadn't even been written when Adam made the PPB - or it was just a repeat. In so many ways today, you read it first in the blogosphere.
Perhaps it was just another Carmarthen based attempt to kill off any talk of a political deal with the Tories. This prattle about independence, which was the theme of the PPB has absolutely no appeal to Conservatives. Recently we saw Rhodri Glyn Thomas on Dragon's Eye desperately flogging the idea of a Plaid-Labour Coalition after next May's Assembly Election and now we have have this homily to this vague thing called Welsh independence. There clearly isn't much enthusiasm for dealing with Tories in Carmarthen
Reflecting on what might happen in Welsh politics next May is catching on. I dipped into Matt Withers blog today and there he was, warning Tories about the danger of deals with 'lefties'. He has just been to Berlin where they are struggling to sustain a 'Grand Coalition' of the CDU and SPD. This is the equivilent of a Labour-Tory Coalotion in Wales. No wonder its a struggle. That would be too far - even for me.

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