Friday, November 17, 2006

Blogsceptics on 'Call to Order'

I was one of Patrick Hanaan's guests on tonight's 'Call To Order', the best political programme on radio. Patrick, in his inimitable way was mocking we bloggers. And Mike German, his other guest is also a 'blogsceptic'. I do not think that either Patrick or Mike realise that there is a communictions revolution going on. Even from a Lib Dem perspective, I reckon that there are more visitors to Peter Black's Blog in a day than hear anything Mike says in a week.
Patrick was particularly scathing about a post on Nick Bourne's Blog which informed us about the relationship between the biscuits that Rhodi Morgan offers him and the importance of the matter under discussion. It seems that at a recent meeting about the Assembly budget, when Rhodri really wanted to butter up the opposition, the biscuits were upgraded to 'Jammy Dodgers'. I don't agree with Patrick on this. It tells us quite a lot about how big decisions are arrived at.
When I was Leader of a Local Authority and Chair of a Quango, I always insisted that the biscuits were of the highest quality because first impressions are so important. I really can imagine our First Minister proffering assorted economy biscuits to 'Royalty', straight from the packet when he is working on his 'Clear Red Water' image or on his 'Good Bloke from the Dog and Duck' act. I cannot imagine the Presiding Officer offering anything less that the best designer biscuit. If I am ever elected to the position of First Minister, I can guarentee that the biscuits will always be of the highest quality - and presented on quality china.

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