Monday, November 06, 2006

"Labour to Lose" says Peter Hain

Interesing to read over in the weekend papers that Peter Hain thinks Labour will lose the next General Election. He thinks that Labour has done too much lecturing and that Labour has lost the support of people who look to Government to extend democracy. Anyone who has followed closely the passage of the Government of Wales Act will know exactly what he means. Peter himself should be given 100 lines - 'Thou shall respect democracy' following his involvement in fixing the Assembly election system to benefit Labour when every independent voice was telling him not to do it. And even now, Labour is trying to fix the Standing Orders of the National Assembly from next May onwards to benefit the future governing party - because they think that it will always include Labour. This is the reason why I am so publicly putting a non-Labour alternative, the 'Rainbow Coalition' in the field of play. And Peter knows only too well what is going on. I just hope he means what he says and its not just more meaningless spin.

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