Sunday, October 19, 2008

Why young people are cynical about politics.

Its all chance. What I blog about, that is. Its not what I consider the most important issue of the day. Usually, there are plenty of others blogging about that. I just post about odd things that catch my eye, or amuse me. But occasionally, I blog about an important issue that I think is slipping under the radar without sufficient notice being taken of it. This week, it was the demolition of whatever reputation Tony Blair had left. That's because this week we learned a lot more about the 'Ecclestone Affair'.

As a result of a determined campaign by the media, most people who write and talk about this now seem to believe that Mr Blair intervened on behalf of Bernie Ecclestone to grant an exemption for Formula One motor racing to carry on advertising tobacco. And these people also believe that this was an exemption for the purpose of rewarding a donor to the Labour Party, in the expectation that there would be more loot to follow. Yet the then Prime Minister of Britain denied it in a highly public way, and went on television to inform us that there was no connection between his meeting with Mr Ecclestone and the extra million donated, and that he could never do such a thing because he was such 'a regular kinda guy'. There have been plenty of other examples where Mr Blair's integrity has been questioned, but nothing quite as damaging as this.

Last week, I spoke with the Lower Sixth at Caereinion High School about why young people are disillusioned with politics. Mr Blair is the best example I can come up with. If our Prime Minister is thought to have behaved in this way, and to have got away with it - with hardly a ripple of concern being expressed by the media, there's no surprise that politics is held in such contempt.


Anonymous said...

Yep. Its good to blog on what one feels not on what is big in the newspaper. Half of the stats you read are made up anyway .
The people who compile a study make sure they know what the commissioner of the study is looking for.
Young people do know the score about the modern world. You mention Blair yielding to certain advertising.
But foul play is everywhere. Lots of stuff at local level is never seen .

Anonymous said...

Pretty much the same re: Obama - his financial gain from purchasing land next to his large house in Chicago from Rezko - the main stream media largely ignored it even though Obama gained financially from the deal. What about Obama's drug dealer? Obama's people complained about a drink-drive by Palin's husband, and then they shut up about it because Obama admitted to taking cocaine. Next, Obama's team go nuts over an ordinary American who Obama met on the ordinary American's own driveway. They pulled his tax records, his qualifications as a plumber and laid into him, an ordinary member of Joe public who is not on any political ticket. But what does the main-stream media say about Biden's plagarism? Oh, next to nothing.

Glyn Davies said...

jessop - Its how the bad guys win.

anon - Way of the world - and its like that til it turns. You need to have been up against the tide to know what its like. I've been there.

Anonymous said...

bit hard on treflon tony. He was better than brown.

Anonymous said...

You don’t have to look as far as Blair, look at the number of councillors who have abused power for money.
Look at the politicians who have demeaned politics by seeking celebrity and fame
That probably has more of an effect.
Biggest turn off when I talk with young people is that politics is seen as the domain of old crinkleys.

Anonymous said...

Well, before NuLabour most young people I knew were just plain apathetic. If they have become cynical, perhaps that is just a tiny step up?

Now those I know are more politically aware, and know enough to feel that the current government are corrupt, and that the others aren't much better. They desire a complete reworking of the political system.

At least, that is how we feel round my way. Views of other young people many differ.

Anonymous said...

Most of the rest of us have also come to despise and detest you. You are all so bloody dishonest.
Stewart Roper

Glyn Davies said...

anon 2 - Not a high bar in my opinion.

VM - Not sure why this should be. My own perception is that several Government Ministers are quite young. Several AMs are young as well. I suppose there is truth as regards local councillors, where so often its a seat for life.

anon 3 - Bit of truth in that. But I'm saying that I've been surprised over the last week by the degree of engagement.

Stewart - surprising that someone who holds politicians in the degree of contempt that you do should bother to visit my blog. I suppose you could be a fan of the gardening posts.