Thursday, October 23, 2008

Rugby boys. Please act like men.

Blimey! When David Moffett was revealed as the new head of a body referred to as Regional Rugby Wales, I predicted trouble. "Welcome to the soap opera" was the immediate response by Warren Gatland, Wales' Coach. You can say that again. Today Mr Moffett unleashed an astonishing attack on Roger Lewis, Chief Executive of the Welsh Rugby Union. This report on the BBC does not do credit to the personal and aggressive nature of the attack. So far Roger has responded with what he calls a "dignified silence" - which is wise. Pity he also made himself sound like Gordon Brown by adding that he is "getting on with the job" - even if that is what he is doing. This row is in danger of making Welsh rugby into the butt of everyone's jokes. Whenever Wales wins the Grand Slam, war breaks out amongst those who run the game. Its time for grown men to start behaving like grown men.

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