Thursday, October 09, 2008

How to save £1

This week's Montgomeryshire County Times reports that Powys County Council has decided to withdraw the senior railcard - with immediate effect. Mr Kit Davidson of Llanfyllin will be the last recipient. B*****. About three months ago I collected a concessionary railcard for the first time, and used it just once before I lost it. My fault - so the Council wouldn't supply me with a replacement. While I was in possession, I bought a rail ticket from Newport to Cardiff for £2, instead of the normal price of £3. That was it. Saved myself one pound - enough for a cappuccino at Morrison's!

I understand that the Executive Board found some difficulty dealing with the issue. I understand that there was some embarrassment amongst the councillors about who could vote. I'm told that lady councillors were not keen on admitting whether they had reached the age at which they had to declare a pecuniary interest.

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