Saturday, October 04, 2008

Go buy the News of the World.

Edna Mopbucket rang me from Birmingham last Wednesday, straight after the leader's great speech. Full of it she was. She loves Wales, and she reckoned that Wales was being taken really seriously by the Tory leadership. I was a bit surprised after reading some of the smarty pants comments on Welsh media blogs about this. But Edna wasn't having it. "Mr Cameron only had time to attend two area meetings - and Wales was one of those". She was bubbling. In fact I thought she was being a bit disrespectful when she went on "That Dave of yours is a bit tasty". I told her to calm down. But I wanted Edna to do me a favour. So I buttered her up by saying she was the only one who could pull this favour off. Always works.

I wanted her to try to wangle a day's cleaning down at Wapping, and find out the truth behind the claims made in this week's Sun about who's going to be on Celebrity Big Brother, when it starts up again in January - and who's behind the rumours. Well when she rang me tonight, she was on fire. Nothing to do with what I wanted of course. "You really must buy the News of the World tomorrow" said she. "There's a really juicy story and its about Welsh politics and its going to run all week". And do you know what? My Edna would not tell me what this story is. I pleaded. Told her that my blog has no chance of overtaking Iain Dale, Guido and ConservativeHome in the visitor numbers game, unless I have a few gossipy exclusives. She laughed and rang off. Nothing I can do but be down in the village at 7.00 in the morning for my copy of the News of the World. I reckon that it must be juicy for the London based media to be covering Wales. If she rings me later, I'll post again.


Sarah said...

I'll buy the NOW tomorrow morning, Edna's right on one thing DC's not bad looking, some might even say charming!

arty smarty said...

is this what you're looking for, Glyn?

Glyn Davies said...

arty - indeed it is.