Friday, October 03, 2008

The Reshuffle.

So what do we think of the reshuffle. Its difficult to think much at all beyond the Mandelson factor - a truly astonishing decision. I reckon a few Labour MPs will be giving Joe Kinnear a run for his money in the profanity stakes. But what about the Welsh connection. Well, despite much contrary prediction, Paul Murphy is still there. We had been led to expect that he might be put out to grass, and that Scotsman, Jim Murphy would take over both Wales and Scotland. I know Jim Murphy - but only just. He played football for the Westminster team in the annual Parliamentary shield. He was a very good player indeed, and could keep-i-uppy for several minutes. Wonderful ball control. He was so good that our striker, Gareth Davies (ex-Welsh stand off and Post Office Ltd) decided the only way to deal with him was to flatten him and give him a full blooded roughing up. Anyway, Jim has had to make do with Scotland. There's a lot of cross party respect for Paul.

But much more interesting is the elevation of Jan Royall, now Baroness Royall of Blaisdon, to the Cabinet as Leader of the House of Lords. I first met her when she was head of the European Office in Wales. She was known in Wales because she had been a special advisor to Neil Kinnock. I do not know Jan well - but well enough to know that I like her. She was the hostess at the Wales Kidney Foundation event in the Lords that I went to a few months back. I would have much preferred someone I don't like to have been given such a huge promotion. I really do wish her well.


Anonymous said...

Gordon will need more than the "luck of the Murphy twins" to keep his seats in Wales and Scotland Glyn!

Glyn Davies said...

anon - agreed, but the Murphy twins are as good as any of them.