Monday, October 27, 2008

One late apology is not enough.

What is happening to our BBC. How has such a great organisation descended so far into the gutter. Its response to the utterly nauseating sewage that slopped out of the mouths of Jonathon Ross and Russell Brand last week has been risibly inadequate. Now, no-one is shocked that these two supposed 'entertainers' are prepared to behave in this way. But it was pre-recorded, and the BBC allowed it to be broadcast. Whoever was responsible should be moved to other duties - like making the tea. It was unforgivable.

So happens I was driving home between four and seven this afternoon. Tuned in to 5 Live. Listened to 'Drive'. I like Peter Allen. Today's programme covered the BBC apology to Andrew Sachs that has finally been made - when the scale of public disapproval was realised. Seemed to me that the incident was being treated as some sort of joke. I detected sneering in the studio, as it was being considered whether the Brand/Ross stunt had passed 'the Daily Mail test'. Dear BBC, what matters is that it did not pass the human decency test. And do you know what they did? They played most of the offending stuff all over again. Now, I reckon that I can see humour in most things, but today I felt revolted. It wouldn't be so bad, except that it doesn't take much for the BBC to adopt a tone of high moral indignation in judgement of others for much lesser crimes.


Anonymous said...

These two should be fired. I was tempted to write "these two idiots should be fired", but who are the idiots? Them of we for putting up with this kind of trash from the BBC.

Glyn Davies said...

anon - Personally, I think the main culprits are the BBC, firstly for allowing this pre-recorded stuff to be broadcast, and secondly for allowing a culture to develop within the organisation that doesn't recognise material that offends human decency