Thursday, October 02, 2008

All for one and one for all.

When I was a young man, there was a mad Irishman named Willie John McBride leading the British Lions. He was fantastic. No-one in his teams ever took a step backwards - and if there was trouble anywhere on the park, Willie's supporting battalion were on the scene in seconds. Didn't matter who started it. He was a great leader, respected by his men - who would have died for him. His force of personality made him a winner as well. Perhaps its because of the years I spent as a No 7 that I learned the importance of backing when it mattered. Like every openside my job was to be at the breakdown, whenever and wherever. I was often in a spot of bother (and I admit to causing a bit of it myself). As a rugby player, I never remember seeing my captain walking away when there was flak about.

Reason this came to my mind was this silly little story that the BBC has blown up into a silly big story. Now it may well be that I was a touch uncomfortable with a line or two in the 39 page 'Clown Prince of Wales' dossier published by the Conservative Assembly Group last week- but I sniffed a bit of flak coming our way. So I just want to make it clear that I consider the dossier to be an outstanding piece of work, and congratulate those who, with so much effort and skill, prepared such a good comprehensive demolition of Rhodri Morgan's record. And to those who suggest this might have caused a bit of offence to Mr Morgan, let me tell you that he is perfectly capable of looking after himself.


Anonymous said...

I agree Glyn, backing off is stupid, it was well researched by all accounts and actually signed off by Nick Bourne ,stand by it Nick, show some backbone and solidarity , you would gain much

Anonymous said...

i here theres a bloody good row going on down in the tory group in the asembly. should be some fun next weeek. bet u wish u were there

Che Grav-ara said...


I agree that there might be some well researched aspects of the document but I can't believe that you would be so keen to congratulate a dossier that makes a point of attacking a politician for his appearance and personality. Considering your stance of not attacking Lembit personally in an attempt to appear above that side of politics I am disappointed that you would endorse thi. I would have hoped it would not be your style.

As for it being a nothing story the very fact that Tory insiders and staff are effectively saying that Nick Bourne is lying when he says that he did not sign the dossier off I would certainly say that undermines his credibility and makes this a potentially very big issue.

Glyn Davies said...

all - the quality and content was not the subject on this post. In fact, all I've read is the bits that the media have focussed on, and Che is right to say that they were not my political style. This post is more about standing by those you want to stand by you. If I add that Arsene Wenger is the sports manager I most respect, you might understand what I'm sayng here.

I have rejected two comments - not something I do often. They were just too gratuitously offensive.

Che Grav-ara said...

What I don't understand Glyn is what Nick was hoping to achieve?

In reality very few people will believe him when he says that he didn't sign it off. The fact it has taken him the best part of a week to distance himself from it only adds to the suspicion that he is just backtracking. The matter is irrelevant anyway as if he didn’t sign it off as leader in Wales he has to take responsibility for it. I guess that fits in with your idea of a captain having to stand by the team.

His timing is bizarre as well. I think the Tories have taken a hit with this certainly. The idea of a nasty party, added to the Alun Cairns incident, rightly or wrongly has re-emerged. Yet it wasn't as if Nick himself had taken a huge blow personally, but the party's image. Plus whilst it may have been hovering in the background it was not really an issue that was going to re-emerge. Why has Nick brought it up? Only because of him is the dodgy dossier back under public scrutiny?

Glyn Davies said...

che - I think I've said enough.

Che Grav-ara said...

fair enough glyn. at least you gave an honest assesment of hos you reacted.