Friday, October 24, 2008

When is a 'victory' a 'victory'?

So the war between the Welsh Rugby Union and the 4 regional teams has reached the courts. Today, a judge ruled that players must be released by the clubs to join up with the Wales squad on Monday. What can the players think of this. The clubs (which pay their salaries) are being forced by a court of law to allow them to attend training with the Wales squad. If they read BBC Wales online tonight they will see that the Chief Executive of the WRU has issued a statement that is not far short of 'gloating' about his 'victory' over their employers. That's what I call statesmanlike - or not! I wonder how many points all this is worth to the Springboks.

There are two quotes that I particularly like.

David Moffett, head of Regional Rugby Wales said "This causes a serious deterioration in relations between us and the WRU" Like thats possible !

Roger Lewis, Chief Executive of the WRU said "We'll now put this matter behind us". Oh yes - and Nick Clegg will be the next Prime Minister !


eric said...

glyn, are you not wondering also how moffeet, a disaster in welsh sport if ever there was one, manged to leave the wru on ill health with a 250 k payoff to retire to new zealand is now fit and well enough to travel across the world to take up a high profile, confrontational position? do you think maybe someone should look into the ill health retiement payoff?

Glyn Davies said...

Eric - Too right. I just cannot believe what is happening. I would not be in the least bit surprised if Gatland were to say "stuff this for a game of soldiers". It needs asome seriously cool heads out there, and I'm not sure that we have them.