Thursday, October 09, 2008

Return of Dragon's Eye

Dragon's Eye back with Adrian Masters, a man of gentle demeanor and a probing inquisitor in the Vaughan Roderick mould. Looking forward to seeing him bare his dragon's teeth during the series. Hope its not me or my party he's sinking them into.

To start the new series off, who else but Lord Elis Thomas, Presiding Officer of the National Assembly. He dismissed the two twentieth century Prince of Wales investitures as political stunts, and compared these great historical events with a Royal day at the races. Hard for me to judge, because I've never been to a race meeting. Coincidentally, I'm putting that right on Saturday, when we go to Chepstow Races for a birthday party. Perhaps we had better wear clothes suitable for attending an investiture.

Next up was the impact of the failure of Icelandic banks on councils and other public bodies in Wales. Huge issue - but nothing new. Paul Murphy was on, and he had nothing to say of any significance. Its difficult to find a Welsh angle, when an issue has been all over the network news throughout the day.

And finally there was the row about a 'Team GB' football team in the London Olympics. Nothing new here either. The British Olympic Committee are committed to a GB team, while no-one in Wales wants one. We knew that. Now if Seb Coe had been on, and been asked about what he said when told that we Welsh didn't like the idea, it would have been far more interesting.


Emyr ap Hugh said...

Do you have any idea what has happened to poor old Alan Cairns?
I have asked several people and no one seems to know.
It is very sad.
If he were a homosexual or a member of an ethnic minority he would not be treated in such a way.
I am very sad about it.
It should all have been done and dusted by know.
I hope you can shed some light upon it.

Anonymous said...

what about andrew davies contribution. make any sense to u glyn.

Glyn Davies said...

emyr - Alun is working hard for his constituents, and doing an outstandingly good job of it. I think you should stop being sad about it, and just concentrate on what a great politician he is.

anon - Sanddef Rhyferys has published a transcript on his Ordovicios blog. You can read it again and again there.