Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Where's my invite Toby?

How quickly they forget - these media types. I've looked on Toby Mason, ace political journalist from the totally independent and strictly impartial BBC Wales as a close friend, a sort of 'bosom buddy'. No way would I arrange a party to celebrate Barak Obama's victory in the US Presidential Election on Nov. 4th in Cardiff's Cameo Club without inviting Toby. It follows that I was 'deeply hurt' to note this invite on Guido's blog tonight. Perhaps Guido can get hold of the list of the close and privileged who are to be welcomed into Toby's celebratory embrace. That could be as illuminating as the invitation itself. I'm still upset though. Bet it'll be a good do.

Ah, but what's this? Who is this Alun Davies fellow whose name is joined with that of Toby on th einvitation. Could it be the Labour Assembly Member for Mid and West Wales. Perhaps its a Labour Party function. That would explain why I've been personally snubbed.


Alun Davies said...

Glyn - As you know it is neither a snub nor an example of political skulduggery. Rather an example of invitations being sent in the usual haphazard, slapdash, disorganised and generally random fashion. You are and will be most welcome - as in the past - so in the future.


Anonymous said...

Would you be wanting to celebrate an Obama victory anyway, Glyn? I'm not sure myself... I feel we have a choice of Mr Style-over-substance-politically-correct-change-etc versus Mad Marauder McCain. John McCain is the sort of GrandDad who'd kidnap your pet cat and threaten that if you ever wanted to see it alive again, you'd better do your homework. If they were standing for election here in the UK, I'd vote McCain, but in America I think less neocon adventurism in Mid East and ESPECIALLY in the Black Sea region is why I will sleep more soundly with, yes I know it sounds wrong me saying it, but with a Democrat President.....

Anonymous said...

glyn you sound shocked to see that alun and toby are friends. it was the two of them that run the arsembly blog. hence its dissapearance as alun was getting elected. Expect it to return at the next election when he is ousted.

Anonymous said...

Nice to see the political elite are still partying whilst the economy is going down the plughole.

Glyn Davies said...

Alun - What a relief it is to know that you still care. I can sleep easy now.

Roman - Its a hard call for me. My instinct tells me McCain, but there would be something quite wonderful about the US voting a non-white man in as President. I accept that the colour of a candidate's skin should not have any impact, either way, but with the history of America, it would still be a significant event. I also despise the arrogance of some sections of the 'commentariat' towards Sarah Palin. Have you seen the appallingly interview by John Cleese that is doing the blog rounds?

anon 1 - Now I do not think this is true. I suspect that I know the identity of Arsembly, and much as I would like to claim otherwise, I do not think it was anything to do with Alun or Toby. You are up the wrong tree here.

anon 2 - not sure that a beer in the cameo counts as tasteless celebration.

frankie said...

Have seen John Cleese's interview. In what way is it appalling Glyn? He is expressing what most free thinking people are feeling about Sarah Palin right now. You cannot seriously believe that she is anything other than an extremely dangerous loose cannon?

As someone else said, if McCain gets in - Sarah Palin is a heart attack away from being president.

I would use the word appalling in describing her.

Anne Leslie described her as "that dingbat, moose slaughterer" on the Andrew Marr show. That made me laugh out loud - and it's true.

I for one fear for America if McCain becomes president. Another 4 years of a republican presidency is simply too awful to imagine.

Glyn Davies said...

Frankie - what I look for in a leader is judgement rather than great intelligence. British people used to laugh in a supercillious way about Ronald Reagan - probably the best President in my lifetime. Others liked Clinton, probably the most intelligent and intellectual, who to me was a disreputable sleaseball. Cleverness can be bought, while good judgement cannot. I'm not so much a fan of Palin as not being down on her because she is so inexperienced. I've always found John Cleese to be a supercillious knowall - except when he's being funny, when he is quite brilliant.