Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Royal Navy in Welshpool

Just home from a 'presentation' by Commodore Jamie Miller and his team about what today's Royal Navy is and does. The event was in Welshpool Town Hall. There were over 100 of us there. When it was over, and questions were answered, Town Mayor, Councillor Anne Holloway asked me to propose the vote of thanks. It was an honour to do so.

I used not to really appreciate the commitment that the young men and women that join the armed forces make - until I went to the funeral of a young Welshpool soldier killed in Iraq. They put themselves in position where their lives are put at risk on behalf of me. Now that deserves my respect, and it was an honour to be allowed to say that in public tonight. I also said that it was important that our Government made the necessary investment in supporting those who join our armed forces. Tried hard not to make it sound partisan though.

Another reason why tonight in Welshpool Town Hall was special. There was a new lift in operation. But there were 'teething problems'. First time the lift hit the bottom, the door wouldn't open. 5 people stuck inside. Town Clerk was in a hell of a panic. Took a good ten minutes to get the door open out. Must have been quite frightening. Heard someone ask whether we'd seen Joan Collins in 'The Stud'. I didn't understand the point, but I think its a film about people being stuck in a lift.

There are also new men's toilets in the Town Hall. The little ante-room that gives access onto the outside balcony has been converted. At the next General Election, Montgomeryshire's new MP will have climb over the wash basins to reach the people waiting outside to hail him or her. Great care will have to be taken to avoid putting a foot in it, before starting the job.

Must say the Mayor cracked a decent joke as starting things off. After beginning with a comment about the inclement weather for the Royal Navy's visit, she added an aside that a bit of water would probably not bother them. Its all in the timing. All in all, a good night for Welshpool.


Paul said...

Glyn, permit me to make a serious point if I may. I live in Welshpool and know of Anne Holloway (although have ever met her), it’s no secret and it’s something that you’ve confirmed on your blog that she is of your political persuasion. Shouldn’t the mayor of a town be apolitical and focus and things for the benefit of the whole community rather than parading the Tory PPC around the town ahead of the next election? After all this isn’t the first time you’ve been her ‘guest’ is it?

Glyn Davies said...

Paul - Cllr Holloway is fiercely independent. If you did know her, I suspect you'ld be 'put right' in unambiguous terms. During the eight years that I was an Assembly Member, I developed a good working relationship with councillors of all political persuasions across the whole of Mid and West Wales. They were all willing to set aside partisan politics, because they accepted that I'm totally committed to my area.
The Mayor has never 'paraded' me anywhere. And on the ocassions that she has asked me to speak, there has been no other politician present, and she tells me that its because she thinks I will do it well. Finally, last night I was a 'guest' of Commodore Jamie Miller. Perhaps you should have spoken with the Mayor before making your unjustified comment.

Paul said...

I still find it a little strange that she has chosen you, when there must be umpteen people in Welshpool would be able to propose a vote of thanks - that’s all.

I do hope I'm wrong, I do hope that the 'Independent' mayor isn't positioning you in a position to further your political aspirations. If I am wrong I take back what I said in my original post, but I'll stand by what I'm saying here which is that I find it strange never the less - that's all.

Anonymous said...

Be prepared to climb Glyn baby!

Glyn Davies said...

Paul - Who do you think she should have asked?

anon - I'll be ready if its required.

Paul said...

I don't know someone who lives in Welshpool maybee? Just a thought!

Don't want to make a big thing out of this, just strikes me as odd, that this is the second (plus?) time in the past 12 months shes asked you to do something