Thursday, October 30, 2008

Politicians of the Year.

Tomorrow night I'm joining a panel which will be deciding who to annoint as ITV Wales' politicians of 2008. The catagories are

Member to watch. (No Hain-like jokes please)
Campaigner of the Year.
AM of the year.
MP of the year.
Local Politician of the Year.
Politician of the Year.

This is your chance to try to influence one of the judges.


Che Grav-ara said...

I've already posted on my views. Partisan I'm sure but at least will give you some things to think about from one perspective. I'm sure others will offer differing views.

Anonymous said...

MP of the year - Lembit. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Member to watch - Darren Millar (been the surprise success of the new intake, sharp, witty, can think on his feet. Should ahve won the award last year) OR Kirsty Williams, from rainbow wrecker to leadership favourite, a good year for her.

Campaigner of the year - Nerys Evans (for her campaign against domestic violence, she won quite a bit of coverage when she revealled a number of AMs had suffered from domestic violence and raised awareness of the issue)

AM of the year - Leighton Andrews - a consitently good performer. Has taken to ministerial life like a dove to water, Tipped as next FM, which is massive acheivement for someone from 2003 intake.

MP of the year - can't really give it to Adam Price for the umpteenth time, so I would say Paul Murphy. The come back kid, back in the cabient against the odds.

Local politician of the year - (who cares?!) - its a toss between Derek Vaughan (leader of Neath Port Talbot, won award for best run council in Wales, soon to be Welsh MEP as he is top of Labour's lsit next year). and Gordon Kemp (leader of Vale of Glam), wne tTories went in to ooposition 18 months ago after falling out with Plaid, they helf their nerve and secured a majority this year, thanks to his leadership.

Politician of the Year - am tempted to say "one of the above" but think it should be Lembit Opik if he manages to secure the Lib Dem presidency against the odds, if not, I don't know... maybe give ti to Paul Murphy and give David Hanson MP of the year? Always underestmiated and underrated, No. 2 to Jack Straw in Minsitry of Justice, has done good job on prison policy.

Hope this helps!

Anonymous said...

Tomorrow night I'm joining a panel

Member to watch. Jonathan Morgan
Campaigner of the Year.Bethan Jenkins
AM of the year.David Melding
MP of the year.Kevin Brennan
Local Politician of the Year.Ron Davies
Politician of the Year. Cannot make up my mind

Anonymous said...

where do the nominations come from? I have a wonderful person in mind, local policitian category. He/She is a very kind generous warm hearted person who always has the benefit for the community at the forefront of their mind?

Anonymous said...

Bethan Jenkins should be in a shout for campaigner of the year. To set up an All Party Group on Eating Disorders and push it far enough up the agenda to get money from Edwina in her first year is pretty impressive!

Anonymous said...

I'll make one prediction. The local politician of the year will be a Lib Dem. They never win any other award and this one always seems to be given to some obscure bearded figure as a consolation prize!
One to watch; Darren Miller
AM; Elin Jones
MP; Chris Bryant
Campaigner; Nerys Evans (Domestic violence)
Politician of the year; Prize witheld

Anonymous said...

Member to watch

Edwina Hart. Watch her leadership campaign get going in earnest.

Campaigner of the Year

Bethan Jenkins for her work on eating disorders, or Nerys Evans for her more recent work on domestic violence. Examples of issues that would not have gained this level of prominence had not the traditional barriers to elected office remained in place.

AM of the year

Huw Lewis. This time last year his leadership ambitions were widely dismissed. Today, he is almost the one to beat.

MP of the year

Paul Murphy. Who'd have thunk it?

Local Politician of the Year

No view.

Politician of the Year

Adam Price. Still the most interesting politician in Wales.

Glyn Davies said...

Thanks for the suggestions. Best not comment myself at this stage - or at any stage for that matter.

Anonymous said...

Can I suggest an independent member of Powys County Council?

Glyn Davies said...

anon - I think there are only two. And one of those represents Berriew, where I live.

Anonymous said...

Yes, your right there are only two and both very good, worthwhile candidates.

I was referring to Cllr Price. His top priority is it seems always his communtity.

What do you think?