Friday, February 06, 2009

A Wise Decision

Deciding when to retire is a difficult decision. But some people get it right. Tony Blair certainly did. There's poor old Gordon Brown sitting impotently in his office watching the debt-funded Leviathan he created when he was Chancellor collapsing outside the windows of his new house at No 10 Downing St. The poor fellow is working 20 hours a day, pumping out new initiatives at a prodigious rate - but the collapse goes on regardless. He reminds me of a deranged farmer who carries on tedding his hay in a thunderstorm. And there's his predecessor getting up close and personal with Mrs Obama on the front page of today's Telegraph. All the PM's had a quick phone call with Barack. He must be spitting nails.

Another man who has retired in a timely way is Joe Calzaghe, the undefeated world super-middleweight champion. He's also the world's best at light-heavyweight as well. He's held the world title for 11 years and has won his 46 professional fights. The last time he was beaten was in the Welsh Amateur Boxing Association finals in 1990. Personally, I thought his best victory was when he completely outclassed Jeff Lacy in 2006. I'd expected Joe to lose that one, but he annihilated the American with amazing hand speed. Made his name across the Atlantic with that one, and moved into the 'big bucks' league.

And now its on to other things. With his undamaged good looks and confidence, it could be the film world. Or Strictly perhaps. Or Italian Ambassador to Wales - taking advantage of his name and family history. I hope he doesn't become just another media boxing pundit. He's too special for that. Anyway, congratulations Joe on a wonderful career, and thanks for the memories.


Sage of DC metroland said...

Gordon Brown doesn’t understand what he has done. His ‘work’ is somewhat akin to the eruption of Vesuvius in 79 AD. Brown saw to it that interests rates were low for such a long time that an eruption column built up over the City of London (CoL). When the eruption column that Brown built collapsed, mayhem and havoc soon followed with small businesses taking the brunt. The WAG has compounded the problem for Wales by failing to listen to solutions, if acted on, could transform the Welsh economy and release it from the yoke of London. So says the Welsh sage of DC metro land.

Anonymous said...

lets hope hes not tempted to make a comeback

alanindyfed said...

Barack Obama pulls no punches and tells it as it is. He says Americans must unite and work together to get through the present economic crisis.
Gordon Brown tells people what they want to hear, and will do all that it takes to get himself re-elected. Jeremy Clarkson says that Gordon Brown is an idiot. Only an idiot would vote in another idiot.

Sarah said...

Gordon Brown can not do all he can to get himself re-elected, because he was never elected in the first place. He was not, is not, an elected prime minister according to the democratic process.

To be honest I am not surprised at anything Gordon Brown does, what can you expect from a man who was not elected by the people of Great Britain.

Only an idiot will vote in an idiot, is absolutely right, the people of Montgomeryshire are not stupid from what I have seen and that’s why they will note vote Lembit in again, a man who thinks from his privileged position, because it really is such a privilege to be a local politician let alone an MP, hard work but none the less a privilege, a man who thinks it is ok to write for something that is nothing more than a soft porn newspaper.

Don't get me wrong I am sure men enjoy the paper, but for him I'm not convinced it is appropriate.

Another man who knew when the right time to retire was also a boxer, Richie Woodhall, I happened to of have the privillege to of got to know him when I was at school, he was fantastic competed at the olympics, commonwealth games.
1988 - Olympic Bronze medallist at Seoul, South Korea
1990 - Commonwealth Games gold medallist, Auckland, New Zealand
1992-1995 - Undefeated Commonwealth middleweight champion
1995-1996 - Undefeated European middleweight champion
1998-1999 - WBC world super-middleweight champion

110 amateur fights, 92 victories
29 pro fights, 26 victories, 16 KO's.

Not bad, I think he doubled for Brad Pitt in the movie Snatch also!

Tom Owen. said...

Deciding when to retire is a difficult decision.
Then there are people like you Glyn, trying to get to Westminster, when it could be said you should be retired and enjoying the view.

A dumb ass American said...

Respectfully, telling Americans to suck eggs is seen for what it is: telling Americans to suck eggs. Americans understand the need to unite after an election - for most of them it is in their blood. So telling them over and over again that they must unite is, frankly, idiotic. WE KNOW. We got it already.

Glyn Davies said...

Ano - I do so agree. So often we've seen a great fighter come back to trade in reputation for a big payday.

Alan - We'll see how Obama does. Not been a good start. And Jeremy Clarkson is an offensive loud mouth.

sarah - Not all men enjoy the Daily Sport. I've nothing against the paper for those who want to look at it, but I do not want my MP to be writing for it.

Tom - View of the Thames!

Bedgellert said...

An interesting blog which I've just stumbled upon, thank you Mr Davies. I wish you well at the next election, not only for the people of Montgomeryshire, as Sarah says, but for the House of Commons too. We need someone vocal and witty, not stuffed to the gills with green issues, the eu and the tabloids.

alanindyfed said...

Sarah, I meant "re-elected" as an MP to Westminster ;-)

alanindyfed said...

D.A. American -
some of you got it and some of you didn't get it, so I think that is why Pres.Obama has to repeat it until some folks finally get it. They say that if you repeat something long enough people will eventually get it. Witness Gordon Brown referring to the "do nothing" party. Those who are unable to think for themselves learn by repetition and vote accordingly.