Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Keane's the man.

Sometimes I think the Premier League has gone completely off the rails. Yesterday was one of those times. Abramovich popping into Chelsea, en route to a business meeting, just to fire Scolari is just another bizarre chapter in the soap opera. The only reason anyone could possibly want the job now would be for the money. And why not. It's probably be the only job in Britain that pays better than being in charge of a bank. The current favourite seems to be Dutchman, Guss Hiddink. He tells us that he's a big mate of the Russian oligarch, who currently coaches the Russian team, which suggests he's gagging for the job (money). Personally, I reckon they should go for Roy Keane, who is only happy with the best. OK, so it would end in tears, but in the short term, what Chelsea's prima donnas need is a bit of Keane to stiffen up their resolve.

After the way Avram Grant was treated last season, almost everyone except committed Chelsea fans would like to see them miss out on a Champions League place this season. How they must be laughing at Anfield and Old Trafford.


Anonymous said...

not relevent to the post this but wondering if you had any thoughts on the below.

the last of the new set up of director general civil servants have now been appointed. This is part of the new perm secs managment structure, and it does have some merits.
But of these four new posts at i understand £150 k a year three have somehow gone to internal candidates who to be fair are not covered in glory.
Someone must question how this has happened, a %0K plus recruitment exercise has ended up employing three people alreay employed internally.
Civil Servants are to a man it seems incredulous that the current head of HR got one of the jobs as generally its agreed Hr has been a disaster since his appointment.
Any thoughts Glyn?

Anonymous said...

I can't understand anyone wanting the job. Mourinho won 6 trophies in 3 years and still got the boot. Makes you wonder what they want!

Frank H Little said...

If Chelsea had any sense, they would prise David Jones away from Cardiff.

Anonymous said...

I rather think Dave Jones has found his level. I don't think he's Premiership material, as Cardiff will no doubt find out if they are promoted.

Glyn Davies said...

Anon - Not sufficiently well informed to make a meaningful comment on this.

Dalesman - Agreed. Its only money that will attract anyone, and that's never the best motivation, when its the dominant factor.

Frank - Dave Jones has done a great job at Cardiff, but I'm not sure he's the man for Chelsea. Let him stay at Cardiff, win promation, and then prove himself.