Saturday, February 21, 2009

Sat afternoon in the Garden

What's so special about this photograph of a newly planted tree you might ask. Well, for starters the ginkgo is growing out of a stone - which is pretty unusual. In fact, its a William O'Brien cast iron ginkgo. Mrs D gave it me for my birthday last week. William is a Berriew blacksmith who lives next door to us. I've advertised his artwork on this blog before. Not sure whether this will be its final resting place, but it will be there for the summer.

This miscanthus is about 12 ft high. I don't pretend that its very pretty, following the winter's battering. Ive been cutting it down to ground level today. In three months time it will be back up to 12 ft. You can almost see it growing. The reason I've put the photograph up is that this is the miscanthus that is now causing excitement as a fuel for energy generation. I've been growing it for 20 years. I bought it as a freak plant, when its current use had not been thought about.

I thought I should put up a photograph of some of the snowdrops we grow, now that they are fully out. As I'm looking to run the garden on less time and work, its trouble free plants like this that will take over. Even less work with those that are made of cast iron!

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