Thursday, February 12, 2009

Is Sir Emyr off to Bosnia?

Reading through some of my favourite blogs tonight, I came upon this on Adam Price MP's blog. Too late for me to write a post of any substance. I want to sleep. But the possibility of Sir Emyr Jones Parry heading off to Bosnia seems to have much significance for the future of the National Assembly. The most interesting aspect is what it says about Sir Emyr's view of what the people of Wales think about the need for a referendum to be held on granting full law making powers to the National Assembly. Bound to do a more considered blog tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Off to Bosnia in the Morning! - Sir Emyr will i am sure have noted now that the vast majority of our nations citizens are more interested in having a National Assembly that will spend its time looking forward to the future and not towards a waste of time thinking about a future vote on more powers.

All AMs i speak to see the need for greater functions to help Wales through the economic crisis, more chance to cut the waste in local government/health service and a greater focus on supporting rural communities through being able to sit alongside the Ag Ministers of Ireland, Lux/g and Holland etc.

Come on Glyn - get your Assembly mates to speak up for Wales as you Melding and a few others are.

Glyn Davies said...

Anon - I believe there is a consensus developing about this across Wales. Regrettably, I think Sir Emyr's Commission is probably harmful to the cause. Its widely seen as a prevarication at best - and a million pound mechanism to get Ieuan Wyn Jones off the hook at worst. What I would like to see is debate in the Assembly that really matters. Until such time, it will be seen as not much more than a talking shop. As far as I know all our AMs are very positive about the LCO system.

spirit of bme said...

Poop Bosnia.What have they done to deserve this ,on the other hand God may be Welsh to give us such a break.
If you want a verdict of this man then read John Boulton`s book about the time he was in the UN with him as the US rep.The conclusion was he was a Prat ,sorry Git.
Wales does not need a sub office of the English Parliament its must have its own Government