Thursday, February 26, 2009

Assembly Tory Re-shuffle

Just home and there's an email in my inbox informing me that there has been a comprehensive reshuffle of the Conservative Group in the National Assembly. Bit of a surprise this. Earlier tonight, both Radio Wales and Radio Cymru wanted me on tomorrow morning to discuss what, at that stage were only rumours of what was going to be announced tomorrow - which I deemed too risky for me to accept. Jonathon Morgan and William Graham have both left the Shadow Cabinet. Jonathon is to become Chair of the Audit Committee. When I decided to resign from being a Spokesman and concentrate on Chairing a Committee a few years ago, it was the best decision I took as an AM. I hope Jonathon finds the experience as satisfying as I did. I expect William's orchid to be a bit more 'droopy' next week.

Andrew Davies has taken over the Health brief, where Jonathon made such a mark. Darren Millar has moved from Environment to Local Government, which will give him the opportunity to put himself around Wales - if he wants to that is. Paul Davies is going to Education, and the Welsh Language is being separated from the Culture portfolio, and is going with him. Angela Burns is moving to Environment, Nick Ramsey is moving to Finance, while Alun Cairns seems to have landed a real sackful of responsibilities - Chief Whip, Business Manager, Heritage, plus a share of the Economic brief. That should hopefully keep him out of any trouble!

According to the Press Release, Mark Isherwood is staying at Social Justice, Brynle williams is staying at Rural Affairs, and David Melding retains a share of the Economy. And I'm not sure what has happened to Transport. Be interesting to see what the commentariat make of this.


Anonymous said...

Well Edna missed this one Glyn...spending too much time in Llandods Spending Centre at County Hll i recon....

What does it all mean for Nick? Whats happened to Jonathan Morgan? I think we should be told and soon.
I heard Andrew RTD on the box tonight having a go at Rhodri Glyn about naval gazing...perhaps he would be better giving this Cardiff Lab/Nat lot a good going over rather bthan being so smug.

Our singing MP will be having a good laugh at all this internal party stuff being passed of as a re-shuffle.

I suggest you get back with Edna to the Bay asp and tell them to get their priorities right Glyn.

Glyn Davies said...

Anon - Actually, Edna did ring me about it, but I thought I might get myself into a bit of trouble if I shared her gossip with my readers. I even refused to discuss the matter with the Western Mail, the BBC and Radio Cymru, who were sniffing around like truffle hounds for information. My judgement is that I'm best keeping and observations, beyond the factual to myself. Save it up for the autobiography.

Anonymous said...

Well i am not sure who Edna is but i would certainly like to put in an advanced order for kiss and tell book Glyn.

My sister worked in the Assembly up until last month and she tells me that there is a reward out for Edna from a range of AMs as well as the press.

Anonymous said...

Angela Burns was in north Wales and not happy at the way this was done- she found out it was happening from the press apparently.
Nick needs to watch out,Jonathon is not happy and a big beast to leave on the back benches, he refused education.
Seems yesterday the tory group was not happy.

Anonymous said...

I'd say this was it for Nick. Refusing a job is Jonathan's clearest signal that he will strike.

Glyn Davies said...

VM and Anon - Lets move on from the way it was done. There are two AMs who have lost out - which leaves a big majority more content perhaps. I think Jonathon will have a chance to 'broaden' his experience now. Personally, I think a spell on the back benches will stand him in good stead later in his career, if he uses his freedom wisely. Again personally, I see a quite settled situation developing now.

Caws said...

Nice to see Alun Cairns back on economy - regardless of his mistakes I have confidence in his ability on the economy and boy do we need it at the minute to challenge Ieuan on his policies.
The trouble is with the Assembly is we have too few quality politicians but plenty of glorified county councillors. If more powers are to come to Wales (which I hope they won't) then can we please have a quality politicians to fill the roles.
Anyhow the sooner we scrap the assembly the better it will be for mid Wales - why don't the tories support that thought any longer?

Glyn Davies said...

Caws - I too am a fan of Alun, despite his clothes sense. He will make Ieuan Wyn Jones's life in the debating chamber a bit more uncomfortable.

There are many Conservative supporters who tell me that they would like to see the Assembly abolished, as there are many Labour and Lib Dem supporters who feel the same. There stance is entirely reasonable, except that its not going to happen. Its an issue for academic debate. I try to formulate opinion on the basis of what I think is achievable - which is essential if belonging to a party that want's to exercise power by forming a Government.

Phil said...


Tudno Williams said...

Put them altogether, and you may get one good MP.
Not a promise, but a maybe!