Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Its no big deal anyway.

Its a bit like an obituary. Today's reports in the Western Mail here and here could have been written months ago. Just stored until confirmation of death. The responses from the quoted are all so predictable. Only Don Touhig seems to be missing. One point that seems to be being ignored is that the power to enact all the measures in the proposals included in the Legislative Competence Order already exist - but at Westminster. And don't tell me that Westminster would never enact such legislation. The most onerous , both in terms of cost and disruption to the way things were was the Education Act in 1988 (I think) which made the teaching of Welsh compulsory throughout Wales - and it was a Conservative Government at Westminster which enacted that. In years to come the 1988 Act will stand as a monument to the life and work of Lord Roberts of Conwy. Compared with what he did, the current proposals are piddling around the edges.


Anonymous said...

The Act in question was passed in 1988.

Glyn Davies said...

Thanks. I will edit the post.

Anonymous said...

I've analysed your claim here.

I wamrly welcome your comments on it.