Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Stop Press. Snow expected. Life as we know it ends.

Sitting in the head's office this afternoon at Newtown High School, talking about a magnificent Estyn Report - which I'll post about tomorrow. There's a press embargo. Sun was shining gloriously outside. Women were out walking with their babies. Snow almost disappeared. Not quite the weather where a man's fancy turns to love - but not far short of it. And then the call came through from 'County Hall'. I couldn't believe it to begin with. Thought it was a joke. A decision has been taken that every school in Powys is shut tomorrow. The education of our children has been suspended.

Good job this attitude didn't exist in 1963. The education system would have been closed down for three months. The only positive thing to be said about this is that at least its a decision. It must be one awful weather forecast tomorrow. Better go out and buy some extra provisions in case we have to hunker down for a few weeks. I wonder what effect this decision will have on the Council's school transport budget?


Caws said...

Glyn, you know life is not the same anymore. We must watch what we say and do. Its no wonder the schools are shut because of this ridiculous world we are living in. Its not safe to leave the house. Maybe the schools should stay shut so that health and safety and general nanny state police can't get to our future generations. Only in the last few days we have the nurse who has been shamed for having a faith. In modern Britain thou shalt not have belief in God and share that with anyone else. Maybe we should close the churches just in case someone is offended.
Also Carol Thatcher bless her heart has been ridiculed in the press for her comments.
It has gone too far now - I am too scared to speak - maybe blogs should be banned from fear of offending someone. no win no fee will be having a field day!

Glyn Davies said...

Caws - This coment is published at nine o'clock Thursday morning. There has ben no snow. The weather is fine, the roads are all clear - and the schools are all closed. Madness.

Anonymous said...

Glyn, I travelled from Pontardawe to Brecon and back yesterday, despite warnings from a mate and Powys head teacher that I was taking a terrible life threatening risk.

I passed several schools, including his, without sign of any travel issues. The glorious contryside bedecked in pure snow, the roads slate black, ice free and so quiet... a true pleasure.

So why weren't the kids in school? Something to do with council employees getting a day off maybe. Oh and by coincidence it was also his 40th birthday...