Saturday, February 14, 2009

Will Hutton says;

Just watched Newsnight, and jotted down some phrases spoken by Will Hutton. "Gordon Brown has lost control of the economy". "He would have been better to have done something decisive". "this weekend they are sixes and sevens". Yes this is the Will Hutton, and he was talking about Gordon Brown and the Labour Party. Never thought I'd see the day.


lucy mannion-hayes said...

You can hardly contain your glee can you Glyn?

That in itself says a great deal about you and your Party, sadly.

Glyn Davies said...

Lucy - An odd comment. It was more disbelief than glee. I don't think anyone is experiencing any glee, including those who may find themselves dealing with this mess.

Anonymous said...

I think the glee (if there was any) was directed as Mr Hutton who has been a Labour apologist having to eat his words, not the fact that Brown has destroyed our children's future.

Glyn Davies said...

Roman - our present and our grandchildren's future as well.

Your correspondent from 'DC' said...

I know I keep saying/repeating this, but Wales is of a size wherein if the Welsh Assembly Government ("the WAG") actually started to offer real leadership, Wales's future could be very bright indeed. But it means the WAG has to turn the #1 asset at its disposal into an "MIT engine" - an engine for job and wealth creation in Wales. Wales can be the great smart small nation that it ought to be, but it is unlikely to happen absent real leadership from the WAG.

Absent such leadership the future of Wales is not very bright at all tied as it is to London, and Gordon Brown's destruction of the City of London (CoL) and its hinterlands. I can't say whether it was deliberate or an unconscious act on his part, but Brown allowed the banks to take enormous risks, perhaps even encouraged them, and now we see the inglorious results.

Borrowing some words from the band Queen, Wales needs to break free, but absent affective leadership from the WAG, the future looks grim for Wales.