Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Nuclear Power

Having a blitz on political leafleting at the moment, and trying to spend an hour or two each day cutting back grasses in the garden. Not much time to keep up with my Telegraph - so only just caught up on a very interesting article in yesterday's edition which presages what I expect to build up to become a revolution in environmentalist's thinking. 'Four leading environmentalists have abandoned their opposition to nuclear power and said that Britain must build more reactors to meet its climate change targets.'

They are Stephen Tindale, former director of Greenpeace; Lord Smith of Finsbury, Chair of the Environment Agency; Mark Lynas, an award winning science writer; and Chris Goodhall, a Green Party activist and parliamentary candidate. I, and many others have undergone the same change in opinion, but for rather different reasons - or at least additional reasons. My conversion took place when I realised that the British Government had allowed a situation to develop where in the absence of a commitment to new nuclear power generation, the lights are going to go out.

For years, environmental campaigners have resisted nuclear power (most still do) because we still do not know how to dispose of radioactive waste. And they are right to be worried, and there is a responsibility on Government to get a move on in deciding where the deep burial shaft is going to be located. But unfortunately, there is no longer any choice. The Government is now playing the only card left in the pack (after a decade of pretending that renewable energy can do the job on its own) - clearing away any obstruction that might stand in the way of several new nuclear power stations.


Ramaswami Ashok Kumar said...

See unacceptable criminal effects of nuclear power programmes in
and several other reasons why nukes must never be see all the articles in my complete profile over there.

Anonymous said...

You need to asking which way for Plaid on Nuclear Power Glyn..we all want to know.

With Ieuan Wyn and the Cardiff Bay Peer (or is it Pier) having plants on this home grounds on Mon and Meirioneth we should be told.

With a U turn on student fees in the offing can we expect the same with Power Stations.

Can we look towards Llais Gwynedd taking these seats now?

Interesting point on student fees for Plaid in todays press - all those EU students who sudied in England are not paying up and not one prosecuted to date.

As a fellow top up supporter Glyn can we have your views on who will chase these up for us?

Frank H Little said...

we still do not know how to dispose of radioactive waste.
Yes, we do. It's just that successive governments, Labour and Conservative, have not grasped the twin nettles of cost and location.