Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Edna writing from Powys

This post will only be of interest to Powys Council anoraks. My very good friend, Edna Mopbucket is spending a lot of time at the headquarters of Powys County Council at the moment. Regular visitors will know that she has a love interest in one of the Councillors, so she hangs around the members tearoom whenever she's on a break. She was there today, and heard a very odd rumour.

Now for visitors who are not familiar with the political allegiances in Powys, I should explain that there are two 'Independent' groups as well as political party groups. There is the Montgomeryshire Group, which includes 12 (I think) councillors from the North of Powys. And there's the larger Powys Independent Alliance which is the larger group, and includes councillors from all over Powys, including the North. Edna tells me that there's no love lost between them.

Anyway, today Edna heard some of the Powys Independents discussing jumping ship and joining the Montgomeryshire Independents. But what's odd is that they live in the South. And the way they were talking today, it seems that some serious discussion has already taken place. So much so that the Montgomeryshire Group has discussed the issue, and even considered a change of name to accommodate the new situation. Perhaps it will be called the 'Shires' Group. I know this is only of interest to those closely involved in local government in Powys, but I thought I should mention it.


Anonymous said...

After May's elections the MIGs had less than you lot and more than Labour so they where sowhere between 5 and 8 seats and that was after a few MIGs became PIGs. Oh the fun the Sun could have if they gave two hoots about Wales.

Anonymous said...

Edna only likes one of the councillors? Surely there are more, Do tell?

Glyn Davies said...

Anons - the PIGs have changed their name to PIAs - Powys independent Alliance. Edna tells me its not much of an 'alliance' at all. I try to keep my conversations with Edna as businesslike as possible - but she did let slip her admiration for Councillor Bob Mills sometime ago. She did once say she fancied Councillor Wynne Jones a bit as well, but she went off him when he had a bit of a dust up with Bob.

Anonymous said...

So still no news on who the councillors possibly moving from PIA to MIG are?

Will someone be brave enough to put it out there?

By the way are you sure its Bob Mills, that Edna is interested in, I heard there are at least two others Edna likes to pursue.

Anonymous said...

I heard that edna is particularly interested in a councillor of the lib dem persuasion and he in her .

perhaps you should research.

Anonymous said...