Friday, February 27, 2009

Being helpful to the Lib Dems in Montg..

This blog tries to be helpful to all Montgomeryshire people where it can. Tonight I'm offering a helping hand to our Montgomeryshire Lib Dems. This morning, one of our members handed me a copy of a quite substantial leaflet which they had delivered to his house this week. The leaflet asked him to let their office know of any new campaign I launch, or any tactic I employ, and also send them copies of any of our leaflets or letters. It would be a lot cheaper for them to just read my blog. This week I've been leafleting in the Llanbrynmair area, and will be available if any Lib Dem wants a chat at 'Machinations' in Llanbrynmair at 10.30 on Saturday. I, along with William and Margaret have also leafleted around Middletown and Trewern yesterday, and I'm available at the Village Hall at 6.00 tomorrow. Hope that's a help.

I was also interested to read an appeal for recipients of these leaflets to send letters to the County Times, Shropshire Star and Cambrian News in support of Lib Dem campaigns. So if there's a rush of letters in our local Montgomeryshire papers over the next few weeks, saying how fabulous our Lib Dems are, we will know that it was the Lib Dems themselves who are behind them. Yet again I was surprised to see that there wasn't one word of Welsh in a leaflet which had been delivered around Llanbrynmair.


Anonymous said...

Can you offer a prize for the best Lib Dem plant letter in thr County Times Glyn?

When i lived in Ludlow one of our neighbours was always being ask to write into the Star.

an example of cross border cooperation i would think?

although an occasional plaid voter, i was much impressed with your Welsh at a public meeting you came to Llan last year with the Post Office people

Anonymous said...

Wow, these guys are running scared!
There's no way they would have done this in the lead up to the last General Election. They know they're in deep doodoo because of O'Pickled. But the naivete of it......! The sheer amateurism of these tactics, coupled with their innate nastiness, makes them a bit of a loose cannon, to say the least. Pathetic, but sooo gratifying to hear at the same time!

Correspondent in 'DC' said...

"Thermo Man" - remember him? One of 'my favourites' (shows). Somehow I don't think Thermo Man would survive long in the Lib-Dems (or Plaid) party - too many contradictions to get his head around.

Take the Deputy First Minister (Plaid) - he is supporting a scheme for hiring up to 100 postgraduates to work with Welsh businesses while they co-work through a PhD. Sounds GREAT ... until one carefully parses what the Deputy FM is promising - less than 1% of postgraduates in Wales will end up on this scheme. Yes, less than 1%. That's the WAG answer to MIT's 150+ companies founded each year and 1.1 million jobs created - but I hear that MIT is now beyond even that. And guess what, MIT has fewer post grads than Cardiff Uni and thousands fewer than Cardiff + Swansea. Why is WAG overlooking the 'goldmine' of IP?

Why so little action on this front? Less than 1% ... how the Deputy First Minister can claim he is working hard to fix the IP leakage issue with such a response is beyond me ... we are looking at another decade of low GVA economy, below average wages, and otherwise avoidable stress on Welsh family life as families struggle to meet debt and bill obligations on below average wages/salaries (assuming they still have a job). MIT has created over 1 million jobs - just think what that would mean to Wales if the WAG finally got to grips with this issue instead of parking it for another 10 years.

Anonymous said...

I'm a resident of Llanbrynmair who hasn't received neither a Lib Dems leaflet or indeed yours, and if it wasn't for this blog, would have no idea that you are going to be in the area tomorrow. Just wondering how is it decided to whom these leaflets should be distrubited?

Anonymous said...

Poor Lib Dems. They are in a panic in Montgomeryshire, which begs the question, why on earth did they keep LO as their candidate?

Glyn Davies said...

Anon 1 - I hope my welsh will stand up to an appearance on Pawb a'i Farn next week !

Anon 2 - I suppose lots of Associations do this sort of thing. I just thought that I'd have a bit of fun over it.

Anon 3 - Last week I delivered a party newspaper, plus leaflet, plus letter saying that I would be in the Machinations cafe at 10.30 last Saturday, which I was. Unfortunately I ran out of leafletsa after delivering (personally) to every house in Bont Dolgadfan, Llan and about 60% of Llanbrynmair. So this week I delivered to the other 40% of Llanbrynmair and Dolfach, saying that I would attend Machinations again this week at 10.30. One person telephoned me after my visit last week, so I arranged to meet him at the same venue on Tuesday, after Sir Bernard's funeral, and when I was delivering the second batch of communications. I would have missed you if you live well beyond walking distance from the villages. Just don't have enough time to reach properties that are in the surrounding countryside. I don't think I missed a single property, (except where I could find no letterbox).
I received the Lib Dem leaflet from a resident of Bont Dolgadfan. I don't want to put his name on this blog but if you email me your Tel No, I will ring you with the details. Its Or see you at 10.30 on Saturday perhaps.

Anonymous said...

News from the Montgomershire election front Glyn via the back page of Plaids Draig Goch paper i read in Newtown Library today.

Plaids Heledd Fychan (little Heledd?) writes a detailed piece on her new role as NAT PCC for our patch.

Describing herself as " a mochyn mon" which my wife tells me is what the good folk of Anglesey call themselves she lets us know about her background in Ireland, Cardiff, London and of course her home patch.

the highlight of her youth seems to have been going door to door selling flowers to raise funds for Ieuan Wyn Jones!

She even admits to a Tory "Nain" who told her off for callng Kieth Best MP a " dyn drwg" to his face! Not sure whether to praise the girl for good judgement or write to her nain asking her to get young Heledd to back you!

The long self praise article ontinues almost without stopping for break and the good readers of the Draig are then giving a talking to about working harder for the party...before the highlight is reached with a section on her hobbys and private life which are Local History, "carioci", reading celeb scandels, kick boxing and cooking..though we are not told what she likes to cook?

If you fear you have been missed out ..then fear not you and comedy MP get a brief mention though not the Wrexham guy who asked for my vote in Welshpool last month.

I realy think that Glyn its time o put up the white flag and hand over to Heledd who sees Sir Drefaldwyn as almost within her grasp.

It got my vote - and i look forward to seeing what Edna hears about her progress.

Glyn Davies said...

Anon - I've been expecting her to ring me next time she's in Montgomeryshire. I promised to buy her a coffee. I'll judge whether to put up the white flag after that.