Friday, February 20, 2009

The Driving Test.

Miss Lisa Connolly took her driving test in December 2006. She was proceeding along the highway when for some reason, she braked suddenly - using her wrong foot. This manoeuvre led to her examiner, Andrew Hindley suffering whiplash, and forced another vehicle to take evasive action. She also mounted the pavement during the reverse parking manoeuvre, and succeeded in effecting a nine-point turn.

Mr Carmichael recorded 14 faults, 5 serious faults and one dangerous fault. The Court of Session in Edinburgh ruled that Miss Connolly's driving instructor's insurers are liable for all losses, damage and injury sustained by Mr Carmichael. Today's Telegraph report of this incident doesn't inform us whether she passed the test.


Aberconwy Tory said...

Why did you delete the link to oscar?

Glyn Davies said...

No reason. I just change them around a bit every few months. Its time for a change soon. Perhaps I'll put it back on.