Saturday, February 21, 2009

A Royal Visit

We dug out the pool about 10 years ago. Its a central interest in the garden. This time of year it becomes as lively as Cardiff's St Mary's Street at the weekend - and for much the same reason I suppose. The breeding season is upon us. Thoughts of love are in the air. Today there were coots at war, and nine Canada Geese engaging in the early skirmishes, which eventually results in two who commandeer the pool, and drive all the others off the water. I daresay there are moorhens and mallard who like to conduct their lovemaking hidden in the bushes. But today, there were two swans on the pool. Don't know where they came from. And they were still there tonight, having spent the whole day inspecting every nook and cranny. They were surely on a recce, looking for a suitable nesting site. If they decide to stick around, things are going to get very interesting. There are only two little islands, where nests are safe from foxes. There's not enough room for everyone. Who will take precedence. I'm split about this. On one hand, the Canada's have been returning to us for years, and its the same family - but it would be something else to have swans nesting in the garden. I'll update on progress next weekend.

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