Friday, May 01, 2009

The worst MP's allowance of all.

During all this discussion of politician's expenses and allowances, there's been almost no reference to the anti-democratic, obscene, reprehensible, contemptible, hateful Communications Allowances, which provides no purpose whatsoever, except to help sitting MPs retain their seats, and secure a publicly funded advantage over anyone else who dares to challenge their 'seat for life' plans. Here's another example of how its used. Tell me how this can possibly be justified as an expense on the taxpayer.

Reason its in my mind today is that this weekend the Montgomeryshire Conservatives took out a half page advert in our local County Times in an effort to counteract the use of the Communications Allowance in Montgomeryshire. Difference is that not one penny of the cost of this fell on the taxpayer.


Anonymous said...

The communications allowance is a shocker. Taken to extremes it would lead to a US style situation where short of a scandal incumbants are virtualy untouchable.

However (while it's no burden on the taxpayer) huge sums of money being poured into target consituencies by wealthy individuals (like Ashcroft) who have no connection with the local area is also undesirable.

As well as abolishing the CA we should cap the amount parties can spend in individual constituencies in the period prior to the campaign proper.

The cap should be generous to reward and encourage hard-working local parties (of all colours). I would guess a cap of £5,000- £10,000 per annum plus an additional £10,000 during a parliamentary or Assembly campaign would be reasonable.

Stella Humphreys said...

Did Lord Ashcroft contribute any money towards it Glyn?

Glyn Davies said...

Anon and Stella - Personally I don't disagree with anon on this, though I would spend more if we had it available!

Montgomeryshire became what we used to call a 'long shot' seat when I was adopted as the candidate. This means that we receive some very limited help from Lord Ashcroft to print leaflets. I've also received 20,000 copies of the 'newspaper' that I've been hand delivering over the last two months. To pay for four adverts in the County Times (two so far) and a 10,000 reprint of the 'team' leaflet which I'm also hand delivering with the newspaper, I have written to 20 people who have told me that they want to help me financially, hoping to raise the money. I do not think the officers would want me to make public exact amounts, but to date, we have fallen within the guidelines suggested by anon.

Like you said...

Super Glyn. Just sent u an email.

Che Grav-ara said...

Didn't the Tories vote in favour of having this allowance Glyn?

Anonymous said...

Good call on the part of the MOnt Tories. Perhaps they would also like to take out an add asking why the local MP has voted against transparency with expenses. Or why he was absent from parliament so many times when it came to discussing said matter.
Perhaps your local party would also like to point out to the good folk of Montgomeryshire that their local MP spends time in Dubai on taxpayers money and comes to the conclusion that he supports the promoting of the place for business/industry. What about the revolutionary idea of Lembit Opik actually promoting Montgomeryshire and staying in his own constituency for a change?

Rick C said...

Lord Ashcroft is well known for giving to such causes!!

GS FM 2U said...

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Anonymous said...

Glyn I posted a comment on here asking if the Tories had voted for this in the first place. You have decided not to publish that comment which I find very sad considering you continually post about how politicians should be prepared to discuss these issues.