Friday, May 22, 2009

A period of silence.

I'm going to take Iain Dale's advice - and not post a word about this expenses issue for the next week. I know it might carry on dominating our politics, and I might end up talking to myself, but when the atmosphere is so febrile, its very easy to cause unintended offence - which I've done without realising it. I do not want to do that - unless somebody's trodden on my toe too hard. Life's too short. So onwards to something different.


Bad Hair DAy said...

It's just such a crying awful gut spilling projectile brown pants time shameful altogether terrible knee jerking pepper spray sign of the times black sky moonless night flat tyre spin out engine blowout F1 first corner pile up Hamilton Lewis kind of bad day Ferrari losing streak Alonso unhappy Tidmarsh floating duckhouse kind of 'febril atmosphere' kind of day/week/month.

I guess "he who should not be named" is kind of happy - what with all his silly pathetic excuses he has, to a limited extend, and merged into the background radiation radiating from Parliament.

Meanwhile the Welsh economy procedeth down the toilet and the malaise affecting Wales continues unabated with concomitant huge opportunity cost which will lead to more skilled Welsh people of the "R&D" variety to leave Wales in search of a decent job they’d rather have in Wales.

Just when is the WAG going to finally protect Wales's greatest assets? In the name of all good and common sense and for the sake of Welsh families - when is the Welsh Assembly Government going to do what's necessary for the sake of jobs and not some abstract flowery notion of what is PC.

Wales needs jobs, Welsh families need jobs, real jobs, not Mickey mouse jobs or more public sector jobs - give Welsh families what they need - not PC mumbo-jumbo flowery elitist words!

Bonetired said...

Sensible move. My nearest and dearest is beginning get sick of the Telegraph and is wondering whether to continue to buy it.

I wonder whether a final hurrah by the Telegraph (special edition?) should be printed and that should be that.

Vote for the Right Candidate said...

Reasons to VOTE for Glyn Davies, ONE TWO THREE:

#1 Untouched by the MP expense scandal
#2 Critical differences between Glyn Davies and the Liberal Democratic Candidate
#3 A vote for Glyn Davies is a VOTE for common sense.

VOTE but VOTE for Glyn Davies