Tuesday, May 12, 2009

In Praise of Kate Hoey, a Labour MP

I must be careful how I put this, but it must be said. Kate Hoey, Labour MP for Vauxhall is an admirable woman. She writes in tomorrow's Telegraph. Such a pity that she's not a Conservative. I always had a warm feeling towards her, because of our mutual love of sport - she being a former N. Ireland high jump champion. From the beginning of her political career, she seemed so 'sensible'. I seem to recall she shared my opposition to the knee jerk ban on legally held hand guns. Now they are all illegally held. She's not afraid to adopt a minority cause she believes in - and that was a truly minority cause. Really came to wider attention when she declared her opposition to the choice of London over Paris as the site for the next Olympic Games. There are plenty who agree with her now. That must have taken real guts. And then there was her antipathy to the illogical and prejudiced ban on hunting with dogs. She demonstrated that there is no roon for the politics of spite in 'Hoeyism'. I think Kate Hoey is the current Chair of the Countryside Alliance. Her standing with many Conservatives flew up into the stratosphere when she refused to betray her manifesto pledge to hold a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty - despite the enormous pressure that must have been put on her to do so. And yesterday in Parliament, through common sense, clear thinking and a refusal to be bullied, Kate Hoey has ensured that our nation knows just what sort of person is the current Speaker of the House of Commons, Michael Martin. OK, so she's a Labour MP, but in my book, she is a Parliamentary star. I'd still vote Conservative, and encourage others to do so, if I lived in Vauxhall though. Just covering my back.


Boris Tallinn said...

You have to admire the MP who claimed for the £40 fine for non payment of council tax. What chutzpah! I wonder what his name is and which party does he represent?

Anonymous said...

We/the Tories must get her to switch parties. Hopefully she will just cross the floor the next time Michael Martin snaps at her. That'll be great for Gordon!

I can't see the whips or the leadership having a problem with a theatrical, literal floorcrossing. I'm sure David Cameron could embrace hereven without being given a warning.

I'm certain that defections are about to start somewhere, and not just to the LDs.

Anonymous said...

I don't always agree with her, but we could certainly use more of her ilk.

Cameron missed out when he didn't do anything about his MP's having second jobs. That would have been a welcome move.

Glyn Davies said...

Anon - Seems to me that she would not be persuaded by anyone. Kate Hoey makes up her own mind.

Dalesman - I don't see much wrong with a second job, as long as it takes second place to Parliamentary duties. During my years I always had a second job, running my farm business. Is it the money or the distraction that worries you?

Anonymous said...

No question about it, Kate Hoey for Speaker. She wouldn't need to cross the floor, a problem for her, and her independence, common sense and respect for estblaished institutions would maek her in the Boothroyd mould.

Join my campaign now! 'HOEY FOR SPEAKER'.

John said...

She is also one of the few mps who have tried to get the world to take notice of the situation in Zimbabwe. Why on earth she stands for labour defeats me as she represents everything I associate with conservatism.

Glyn Davies said...

Startleclod - Count me in.

John - I too have never understood why we didn't take a much stronger line on Mugabe earlier. Another subject where I agree with the saintly Hoey.

Anonymous said...

Kate Hoey is Chair of the Countryside Alliance, their 2009 Rural Manifesto makes a lot of sense. It covers 5 key areas where change is required for a vibrabt countryside: 1. affordable housing 2. education 3. farming 4. country pursuits 5. services (esp rural bus services).

Bonetired said...

I have always liked and admired Kate Hoey for her constantly being independantly bloody minded and not being lobby fodder. Individuals like her are becoming fewer and fewer which is greatly to the detriment of Parliament. I DON'T want MP's who - like the Ruler of the Queen's Navy "I always voted at my Party's call
And I never thought of thinking for myself at all".

I am deeply concerned that the route to becomming an MP is more and more via the parties - Special Advisors etc - and that there is becoming a narrow political class from which most - not all (you Glyn are a brilliant exception) - seem to come.