Thursday, May 21, 2009

Three more go down today.

Another two MPs have announced that they are standing down today, Ben Chapman and Ian Gibson. I'm also told that a Welsh Labour MP is announcing tomorrow that he is standing down. That will make six in three days. (I've just seen Ian Gibson, who was a very good midfield footballer, suggest that he 'might' retire) Why not have a little competition. How many MPs will announce their retirement during the next month? I'll start the book by going for 50. Any advance on this. In passing, can I say that I'm really pleased that Bill Wiggin is OK. He's a good friend of mine, and of Montgomeryshire and I did not believe he would have done anything as dishonest as the Telegraph suggested. Bet he'll be very careful whenever he's filling in forms in future though!!

UPDATE - My friends are looking after me - telephoning to tell me that my blog gives a wrong impression, and it does. The Welsh MP that I anticipated was going to announce that he's stepping down is John Smith. I knew that John was retiring mainly because of health problems, but by treating that as a private matter I inadvertently might have given the impression that he's involved in all this 'expenses' row. Feel bad about that, and I'm sorry for not being more careful with my language.


Diane Carsley said...

Bill Wiggins is OK?

I can assure you, Anthony Steen is a thoroughly nice and decent chap too.

So does that mean he can be excused for what he did Glyn?

You cannot and should not single MPs out because you think he or she is "OK", surely?

You are being selective and that kind of 'nod and a wink' style of political endorsement, is precisely what is wrong with the Westminster.

You have to be more careful with your 'natural selection' approach to this expenses scandal Glyn.

The stables need clearing out and I would guess you have no more idea whether Bill Wiggins is innocent than any of us. True?

Anonymous said...

Glyn, the Welsh Labour MP you refer to is standing down due to serious illness.

Glyn Davies said...
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Glyn Davies said...

I've updated this post to ensure that I make no suggestion that John Smith is retiring for any reason other than ill health.