Friday, May 22, 2009

Declaring war on Bambi.

Llanerfyl Merched Y Wawr (Ladies of the Dawn) visited our garden tonight. You may laugh, but I really enjoy my occasional job as a garden guide. It what I may do when I finally draw stumps on my political career. I also fancy working on a supermarket check out, but I fear that I would talk so much that my throughput figures would be inadequate. Anyway, the most discussed innovation in our garden tonight was the subject of this photograph. You may well ask, what on earth a radio, tuned into Radio Cymru is doing wired up, protected from the rain some 100 yds from the house. The answer dear friends is deer. I know there will be lots of you who cried when you were kiddies watching Jungle Book. And Bambi may be one of your most cherished memories. But when the b******* visit my garden and chomp on my favourite plants, my childhood love evaporates more quickly than the unrequited love I expended on my first five year old girlfriend did. I switch this radio on before retiring to my bed every night, and leave it on until morning. Its works a treat - until this week. It was around 3.00 in the afternoon, and Bambi was grazing contentedly on my Hostas right in front of our sitting room window. I thought I was seeing things. If only. I've read about how easily love can turn to hatred. Well its true. I could have popped an air gun pellet into her backside, but I was so stunned that all I did was say "Boo, go away". All I've shot in the last 40 years is one Grey Squirrel, and that upset me - but I could well be applying for a licence to hold a rifle. In the meantime, nothing for it but more noise pollution at Cil Farm.


Anonymous said...

Quite agree with you Glyn, deer are pests and should be viewed as such.

I hate hunting, but if the deer, fox, or whatever can be dispatched quickly and humanely, I see no problems with that.

I've had issued with rats earlier on in the year, solution a Fenn Trap (or two) the "Lucifer" trap didn't work (large mousetrap) but the Fenn had a very high hit rate, every day practically for a week! I consider this method of killing vermin much more humane than poison.

Bonetired said...

Just think of venison and red current jelly!