Sunday, May 10, 2009

Powys Council Gossip.

Today's Royal British Legion Remembrance Service was stuffed full of civic dignitaries. There were councillors and chains all over the place. There was also a scattering of Lords and Ladies. I was sitting in the same row as my MP, Lembit Opik. I suspect that persons organising seating plans at this sort of occasion are doing this for the amusement of others. Today we had the redoubtable Deputy Mayor of Newtown, Mrs Joy Jones seated between us.

Seems that the plan to create a 'governing coalition' between the Powys Independent Alliance and the Liberal Democrats fell flat on its face on Friday. No idea why. They've got the numbers - with plenty to spare. They only needed 37 backers but managed to scrape only a measly 31. I was told that the Lib Dems didn't turn up! Well there's a surprise. Don't blame me if that's not true. Was talking to a 'leading light' of the newly named 'Shires Independent Group' (used to be called the Montgomeryshire Independents). Told me that the new name would appeal to Independents in Breconshire and Radnorshire. Well yes it might. But my advice was to develop a 'love bombing' strategy and show a real commitment to the 'shires' of Breconshire and Radnorshire. That's a lot more likely to work. One thing that does bother me is the genuine hostility that I'm told now exists between councillors of different groups. Didn't exist in my day. We used to scrap like ****** (politically incorrect) but remained friends. Today, I walked from the Church to the 'feast' with Lady Hooson. We used to scrap like terriers all the time when we were councillors - and we probably still would. But I look on her and Emlyn as really good friends. This hostility, if it exists, is a real shame - and rather childish if truth be told.

The 'interim' Chief Executive of Powys Council, Jeremy Patterson was there, on crutches. I wondered whether he'd hurt himself breaking up a fight between these warring councillors - but no. The poor fellow's undergone an operation on his knee, and won't be 100% recovered for best part of a year. First time I've had a chat with him. Tried him for a bit of inside gossip for my blog, but he was being very careful. Not sure if he was certain that I was joking. I suppose its always best to be cautious when operating in a war zone. Anyway, I told him to let me know if he ever thinks I publish something 'out of order'. I do hope his knee makes good progress. Powys Chief Executives need to be able to run.


Anonymous said...

How can Brecon and Radnorshire councillors join with Montgomeryshire when it is so plainly obvious Montgomeryshire couldn't give a stuff about B & R.

I think you'll find some members of the Lib Dems did turn up, not sure how many but it would be pretty bad form if they didn't do the gracious thing and at least turn up to the party.

Do you think a coaltion is a good idea?

Glyn Davies said...

Anon - I do not think it is true that Montgomeryshire "couldn't give a stuff' about B and R. Clearly a Montgomeryshire Group is going to be focussed on Montgomeryshire - which I reckon a change of outlook as well of name will be needed to change anything.

I was told that some Lib Dems did turn up, but that several were missing - on a crucial vote.

Personally, I have always been in favour of a Cabinet system. While Groups remain as now, a Coalition would be needed. I find the current system totally bizarre - but I do not think any of the Conservative Councillors agree with me.

I didn't say that said...

Differences between Lembit Opik and Jenson Button, “One, two three”:

Jenson Button has a gf

JB cares about winning

JB has balls.

I may have said...

A Gatling gun that fires backwards is called a Lembit gun.

Anonymous said...

I know you have been on holiday Glyn and hoped you enjoyed the break. But do you truly think that more "title tattle" from your local council is more important than a comment on what is turning into one of the great crisis of parliamentary democracy in the UK over the venal and outrageous MP allowances system. It may be that you have not had time to gather your thoughts and to stress I really enjoy your blog.

Glyn Davies said...

I approved these comments before deciding that no more will be approved until further notice. Don't want my blog to be taken over.

Anon - Truth is I have not been blogging much over the last week or so. I do intend to write a post about the expenses issue later tonight - though I'm so totally gobsmacked that I do not know what I can write.

I do write about Council gossip, because sometimes I'm asked to, and because local issues are important to a Parliamentary Candidate.