Sunday, May 24, 2009


I've promised to put up some more photographs of our Azaleas.
We grow around 50 of them, and they give us a terrific show of colour through the second half of May. This variety is called Gibraltar, and is my favourite because of its strength of colour.
Don't know what this one is called but its a real beauty. First year we've grown it, and I can see it becoming a favourite. One to look after and treat with a peaty compost, to show our appreciation.

This one is tucked in under a Maple on the side of the drive. Always attracts a lot of comment, and looks nice set off against the Vibernum which always flowers at the same time.

This Azalea is a great sight. Its about 10 feet tall, and is set back, so that you don't really see it until you are upon it. And because its in a shady spot, the flowers last a lot longer.

And here's a little group of three new Azaleas we planted last year. The colour is richer than it seems in the photograph. We planted another three close by. Should look quite a sight in a few years - one of the keen gardener's most often used phrases.


Anonymous said...

Comments on the Wales on Sunday poll please Glyn!

Glyn Davies said...

Anon - I did see the article on the WoS poll. Must admit that I never take that much notice of opinion polls, unless I know what was asked, and who was polled. Was it a genuine cross section, or just an internet poll? But it did make for an encouraging read just the same. I do find the figure of 93% to be incredible.

Anonymous said...

if your elected as an mp glyn u wont have time for gardening. did uyou know u can employ a gardener on mps expenses

Glyn Davies said...

I take my pleasure from gardening myself. No point having a garden if I have to employ a gardener.