Sunday, May 10, 2009

A Return to Eden

Arrived home in the early hours, and struggled out to be greeted by a garden which had draped itself in clothes more glorious than the batik saris I remember seeing Malaysian women wearing. First up in one of the rhododendrons, an absolute beauty. Don't try and tell me you've seen a better looker than this. The fork is there to give you an idea of size.

And this is the Pieris forestii I promised you two weeks ago - a fraction past its best, but still in the Carla Bruni league, in my opinion. There's an Azalea back left, but they'll have to wait until next week. The main problem with this sensational plant is that a late frost ruins the bracts. The flowers, which have been and gone, are an unimpressive white - some of which can be seen at the top of the shrub. Just look how small the fork looks. This is one of the best shrubs that we grow - and again in my opinion far better than all the new varieties of Pieris that are flooding the garden centres.

I'm no photographer, but these Iris blooms are breathtaking, even when its my amateur efforts with our old digital. Just think what a serious photographer could do with them. I suppose a real expert would create a few raindrops

And this little beauty is a Rhododendron yak ashimanium. Its a big family, and if you google 'yaks', you will not see a better photograph on the various sales sites than this one. It has interest throughout the year, because the backs of the leaves are rust coloured, which can be seen as soon as the dead flower heads are removed - and essential job with this particular Rhodo.


Anonymous said...

Stunning - even my garden is looking lush, It has too many bushes and features for me - I like flowers , but my husband likes to create

Glyn Davies said...

VM - I too prefer flowers myself, but I do not have enough time, so I try to plant trees and shrubs that provide colour and interest. If you are ever passing near Berriew, let me know and I will try to arrange to show you around. I do conducted tours and my first this year is in 12 days time when Llanerfyl Merched y Wawr are coming.