Thursday, May 28, 2009

Like Old Times.

Sorry, but unlikely to be time for blogging again today. Its 5.00 in the morning and I've just off to Cardiff for a meeting of the European Care Group in the Park Hotel. I chair the Welsh Advisory Board of this growing care company, and its my last meeting of the two year 'contract' I was given. I've learned a lot about the way we, as a society, look after old people - and a lot about the expanding problem of dementia. Even though I took the decision this week to put my campaign to be elected MP for Montgomeryshire as top priority, I may well retain my specific interest in this sector. No doubt it would become one of my priorities if I were to succeed. And I shall stay down in Cardiff for a dinner tonight, associated with Kidney Wales Foundation, another of the interests I'm likely to stick with. Been involved in the campaign for a renal dialysis unit at Welshpool Hospital for too long to leave it now - particularly since it really does look as if its going to come to pass. When it does, I will lead the chorus of "There's only one Edwina Hart". This rushing about, putting strain on the physical capacity of my body is just like it was when I was an Assembly Member.

Should have been down in Cardiff last night as well - for the first meeting of a discussion group about health services in Wales, with a focus on dementia, which is being promoted by the European Care Group (along the lines of something similar I attend at Oxford Uni) was held at the Park. But as a result of my new policy of giving top priority to my election campaign, I instead attended the Mayor of Welshpool's very grand dinner to celebrate her installation in this historic office for another year. Anne Holloway has always been a doughty fighter for her town. Pleased I went. Bis event. Main talking point was MP's expenses of course. Didn't meet anyone who did not think there should be a General Election this year. If Gordon Brown does not call it in 2009, I reckon he will go down to a massive defeat in 2010.


Anonymous said...

So once again the County Times gives Lembit Opik am easy ride. This is akin to Stalanist Russia.
Alas, all the brianwashing in the world will not cover up the fact that the MP for Montgomeryshire tried to claim a £40 court summons fee from the taxpayer, a TV to the tune of £2,500 and rented out his flat in London whilst living elsewhere

Brave New World said...

There's your honest Jim, light fingered guy, the street thief, hand-in-the-till johnny, your car thief, a house burglar, ATM swindler, and more than one MP.

Anonymous said...

Totally agree. Lembit's comments in the CT today are laughable. So HE saw it coming did he!? Total rubbish. So HE is better equipped to deal with it than the average MP due to his "celebrity" status, is he?! His arrogance knows no bounds and as always shows he does not get it. He himself has abused the system and is trying to pull the wool over our eyes. We're not having it Lembit Opik. It's only a matter of time before this Class A1 idiot gets his come-uppance

Vote for The real McCoy said...

This 'class A1 idiot' has done very nicely.

Leno Lembit haz enjoyed a long innings c/o the Brit-tish zaxpayer.

Howz zat hen?

Because his constituents vaxed him in more dan wownz!

Glyn Davies said...

Anon - Montgomeryshire people will make up their own minds, and will not be influenced by any newspaper.