Friday, May 08, 2009

Edna Calling Fuerteventura

My woman in the know, Edna Mopbucket is a bit of a gossip. I knew she wouldn´t let my week in the sun pass without giving me a call. She was sporting a very posh accent when she rang. I´d just finished reading ´A Question of Blood´ by Ian Rankin, and was thinking about setting off on another 18 holes here in Fuertaventura. Told her that such an accent made her sound silly, especially since she was cross at the same time. But she´s become totally besotted with Joanna Lumley. Edna has always reckoned that any Gurkha who´s been willing to die for Britain should be allowed to live in Britain. Her anger had been ignited by a Liberal Democrat MP who´s proclaiming (with attendent publicity) his support for this great cause, despite having missed the debate, and vote, which delivered the great Gurkhas victory in the House of Commons last week - particularly since it was a Lib Dem motion that did for Gordon Brown.

She also wanted a chat about the fun and games that are going on at Powys County Council. She reckons that the Lib Dems on the Council are seriously considering forming a coalition with the Powys Independent Alliance - thus creating a majority which could form a ruling group. The interesting snippet she did pass on was that the second largest group on the Council is changing its name from the Montgomeryshire Indepedent Group to something like a ´Shire´s´ group. Edna reckons the idea is that so many of the ´independent´ councillors in Breconshire and Radnorshire would rather eat rat faeces that join up with the Lib Dems, but could only switch groups following a change of name. She tells me that the postpersons in Llandrindod Wells are asking for overtime because of all the ´Come and join us´ letters in circulation. All this positioning makes for a plot more compicated and devious than anything Ian Rankin could come up with.


Wales expects said...

Urgent message from Conservative Party HQ>

Glyn, u should take more away-breaks.

During your current break Gordon Brown has gone through more diapers in one week than the California octuplets.

Your country asks can you stay away another week?

Wales (and England) expects.

Anonymous said...

You only have to look at the Lib Dem MP for Brecon and Radnorshire, Roger Williams website to see that he has been supporting the Gurkhas for many years. He is also a regular visitor of the Gurkhas in Brecon and works closely with them on many issues all year round.

Glyn Davies said...

Wales Expects - and as soon as I return the focus moves to the Conservatives!!

Anon - I was not referring to Roger, and I have no idea whether he was there for the vote. What I do find unacceptable is that an MP issues a press release making much of his or her support for an issue, but did not stay in the House to vote. I did accuse Roger of doing just that over Post Office closures, and was utterly disgusted by his references to David Cameron in his excuses.

Anonymous said...

I have it on good authority Roger was not there for the vote, Lib Dems were not there for coaltion talks, Lembit has not been there for votes on issues he claims to care about. I think there was one and he was here in Powys, there was one and he was on a Saturday night TV show. Hmmmm anyone think there is a pattern forming? When will people wake up and realise it ain't gonna happen with the Lib Dems, they pretend to care, and yet fail to back themselves up with anything each and every time.

Message said...

Borrowing a line from one of Supertramp's hits: ur "Bloody Well Right"...

should have avoided the trickster's brigade (a member of which featured in a 'recentish' Dr. Who episode) and "turned left" away from the airport and the return flight home.

Looks like the Conservative Party has a Lembit-goal to deal with. Best come clean and work to fix the expenses system ASAP. It's a national security matter now. Unless this issue is fixed, and fixed for good, the fabric of our democracy will be torn apart.

Well said...

Maybe MPs have, in their own little world, got frustrated with what they see as small pay increases and it has become 'understood' that MPs can boost their income via expenses. That way so long as the expenses they claim remained largely secret then the government of the day could lay (false) claim to holding the draw-bridge up on excessive MP salary increases ...

Whatever the excuses the MPs who have made, in the eyes of an increasingly angry public, patently ridiculous expense claims of the kind that speak to personal enrichment, this must STOP.

Parliament itself must accept that the old pathetic excuse, "Well, the rules allowed it" when they write the rules is OVER.

Is over or the fabric of democracy in the UK will be torn athunder.