Friday, May 15, 2009

And then there were three.

This is a photograph of our No 3 son, Tim and his wife Adrienne. Tonight they arrived at Cil Farm for a birthday weekend. No 1 son, Edward's birthday is on the 13th, and Sally's birthday is on the 9th. When we opened the wine (just any old dry white from the cellar) Tim casually announced that Adrienne was was not able to drink, and wouldn't be able to for several months. Mrs D turned misty-eyed. I immediately left the room and locked myself in the bathroom to perform my exercise routine. (I'm of an age when men do not show emotion in public). I was still recovering from my first viewing of the BBC Cbeebees channel (is this correct?). I'd been watching 'In The Night Garden' with little Ffion. Its the most wonderful news that there is going to be another one. At this moment the antics of some of our elected representatives seem a very long way distant.


Sarah said...

It's correct. Cbeebies is a toddler must have I'm afraid. Two years ago my nephew Kieran was just approaching 3 years and was In the Night Garden crazy, I searched everywhere for an Igglepiggle teddy and an Igglepiggle blanket. You should of seen his face when he opened them!

I assure you you've got 'peppa pig' and 'fifi flowerpot' to come.


Anonymous said...

Newyddion dda Glyn - bengigedig!
Bob lwc ir teulu Davies yn y dyfodol.

Anonymous said...

congrats to you and the family - nice to have some good news