Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The 'Sitting Member's Re-election Pot'.

Returning to one if this blog's hobby horses - for two reasons. Firstly because a commenter has accused me of avoiding debate on my hatred of the MP's Communications Allowance, and because David Cameron raised the issue at Prime Minister's Questions today. My long declared opposition on this obscene allowance is based on my opinion that it's the worst of the lot. I feel the red mist descend whenever a glossy leaflet promoting our local MP (whom I'm hoping to replace) arrives through my letter box, accompanied by a note informing me that my taxes have paid for it. Friends have realised that cheap entertainment is guaranteed whenever they present to me the glossy leaflets delivered to them. As bad as all the stuff which has been helping boost the Telegraph's circulation figures is, the Communication's Allowance is even worse - because it is a taxpayer funded warping of the democratic process, as well as being an improper use of power. I have made it clear that I would rather dirty my hands in human sewage, scooping out septic tanks, than have anything to do with this filthy allowance.

Now, I do not know what stance my party took when this allowance was introduced. I hope we opposed it, and would be grateful if someone will let me know in comments. I'm aware that most Conservative MPs use it. I believe that they shouldn't. Perhaps they will stop now that David Cameron has made clear that he believes it should be abolished. I'd rather my taxes were wasted on pantie liners for male MPs, or to pay fines for forgetful MPs, or to buy food for John Prescott, than see it used to pollute our democracy. I hope that's telling it clearly enough.


Anonymous said...

Couldn't agree more.
Would it surprise you to learn that a political party has recently been sending out postal vote application forms to people using the communications allowance? No prizes for guessing which party.

Anonymous said...

Glyn I made the comment you refer to. I do not accuse you of avoiding debate i accused you of avoiding your parties position. As I recall most Tory MP's voted in favour of this.

Sparkling Rain said...

Glyn> I understand your serious objections to the MP's Communications Allowance. While this issue finds resonance on your blog and among your blog's readership, has it gained traction with your prospective constituents?

Glyn Davies said...

Anon - It would surprise me. I'm not sure that is at all proper and I will follow it up.

Anon 2 - I do not know what stance my party took on this. Whatever, I would not have voted for it, and will do all I can to get rid of it. I do not criticise MPs for using it because its there to be used. Its just that it shouldn't be - and I cannot adopt such a strong antipathetic opinion without declaring that I would never use it under any circumstances.

Sparkling Rain - I suspect that the only voters in Montgomeryshire who even know about it are those who know how much it winds me up. But then, only about 300/400 people in total visit my blog.

Glyn Davies said...

Anon - In the interests of consistancy I decided to delete your reasonable comment about Stephen Crabb. I'm not commenting on individual cases because its unfair wihout real knowledge - and if I comment on one I should comment on them all. I'm not even going to comment on Lembit's truly astonishing interview with Andrew Pierce yesterday, that Iain Dale has blogged about. Later this week, I might comment on what I think my approach would have been - as well as what it would be now.

Bonetired said...


Iain Dale has commented on this:

Anonymous said...

Regarding postal votes and the Comms Allowance, I didn't mean that this was happening in Mongomeryshire, by the way. But not a million miles away.

Anon no. 1

Anonymous said...

Glyn, Maybe we Anons should hold our tongues a bit! I posted the comment about Stephen Crabb. I understand your policy. In general though do believe local associations should be allowed to re-visit selections of candidates? I stress the "in general".

Glyn Davies said...

Bonetired - It looks as if it will be a manifesto commitment, which is very good news.

Anon - The Communications Allowance should not be used to send out postal votes. You should let the Election Returning Officer know.

Anon - In general I do think local associations should be free to choose whosoever they want, and I've always supported the idea that reselection is a good thing. The role of MP should not be seen as a job for life.